Enable support for Silverlight in new versions of Chrome for OMS

In April, Google disabled support for NPAPI plugins in Chrome by default.  Among other plugins, it means Silverlight will not work by default and you will not be able to install it.  If you follow a prompt to download and install Silverlight from Chrome, you will see the exact same prompt the next time you go to the page, and it will appear as if nothing has changed.

In OMS, we still have two pages that use Silverlight: The Account Settings page and the second level drilldowns of the Configuration Assessment Solution.  We are actively working to port these last two Silverlight pages to HTML5, but in the meantime here is what you will need to do.

To fix this you need to enable NPAPI support from chrome.  Type chrome://flags in the address bar to access the experimental features menu.  You will see this screen:


Look for the experiment Enable NPAPI and click the blue enable link.


Finally, you will have to restart Chrome for the changes to take effect.  You will see that a RELAUNCH NOW button appears at the bottom of the browser window.


That’s it.  Head back to the account settings page to confirm the changes have taken effect – you may need to reinstall Silverlight one more time, but then you should be good to go.