New Search Autocomplete & Intelligent Filter in Operational Insights!

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Wish we have more help to leverage Operational Insights' powerful log search capabilities?

Well, help is here and it's called Search Autocomplete! Operational Insights can now give us search suggestions and automatically complete our search terms as we type!

There are 3 categories of suggestion: 1) recent searches, 2) saved searches and 3) available fields & commands (kind of like IntelliSense)

Based on what you have typed, OpInsights dynamically changes its suggestions to give you what's most relevant in real time.


We often need to search for information that we have previously looked for, so being presented with recent or saved searches can save us a lot of time.

Autocomplete can also give us "fields" that are available to search on and provide "commands" to summarize/aggregate search results (like sort them or group them by a particular field and provide a count). This is similar to IntelliSense. It makes searching far easier without having to remember all the commands and fields.


We have also improved the Filter experience to help you Narrow your results on the left hand side. There are more space to view the Field values because we made the experience to add additional Fields to display on demand.

To add new fields, simply click +Add at the lower left hand corner of the Search screen.

Another improvement we made is to intelligently add relevant fields based on the type of data you searched for. If OpInsights recognized that the search results primarily contain IIS log entries, then it will show relevant fields like SiteName and Status.

We hope you will enjoy the new experience and keep giving us feedback (Click on the Feedback button in the portal)


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