Slow tab expansion in Ops Mgr Powershell V2 console

I am a big Powershell fan, and I use the Powershell console regularly.  Depending on what I’m taking care of at the time, I might be using the plain vanilla console or I might be using the Operations Manager snapin to work with the latest builds of our product.  In both contexts, I find that… Read more

How to link multiple Gateway Servers together?

Overview: In Operations Manager, the Gateway server role is primary used for monitoring servers outside the Root Management Servers trusted Domain boundary.  Another popular  use of the Gateway role is for performance improvements by placing gateways in sites with poor network connectivity.  Sometimes it is necessary to “chain” multiple gateways together to get monitor across… Read more

Michael Pearson’s Blog – Point your RSS feed here!

Folks – get your RSS feeds ready and subscribe to Michael’s blog.  If you have ever needed support from the product group on perf and scale, you have most likley come in contact with Michael.  I am really excited to announce his new blog.  Check it out!   —   Hello everyone, my name is… Read more