MP Authoring Resources

I just want to make sure everyone is aware of some recent resources that are available for the deep MP author.  These are really focused on authors who use the authoring console / XML editing to build MPs and want to understand some of our more complex module type library and how to use them.  The following resources are available:

Module type reference documentation (

This documentation covers some of the most common module types many authors will use.  It is the first set of module types we have documented and more will come.  You will find detailed configuration information and examples of module type use here.  You can rate this content – please let us know if level of detail works for you!

Some new AuthorMPs tutorials (

I have started to write these again and there are three recent additions:

  1. Using property bags for multi-instance monitoring – this shows how to best use property bags in scripts and common mistakes made
  2. Consolidation and composition – this shows how to use our consolidation module type and also how to build into a custom composition
  3. OLEDB discovery – this shows how to use the little known OLEDB module type to query SQL without using scripts

There will be more tutorials up soon once I have some time!  Next up will be likely be OLEDB monitoring; typed property bags and then monitor type definition

For feedback on the authormps content specifically or to give me some ideas about what you want to see on the site please mail me at