What other operations happen during (Push/Manual)agent install (Push/Manual)?

You want this information if you are going to use SCCM or some other product to deploy Ops Manager agents. So here is what happens in splash screen underneath (same happens in push-agent)

1.       If MSXML 6.0 is not installed install it (You can get it from CD under msxml<CPU arch of agent> dir)

2.       Install Ops Manager agent

3.       Copy helper objects Copy AD helper (OOMADS.msi) and and ASP.net (MOMAspNet.msi) from CD Image (look in CD under HelperObjects<CPU arch of agent>) to <InstallDir>HelperObjects dir.

Note: The helper object MSI will be run only on need basis by the corresponding Management Pack.


During upgrade we do following steps

1.       Upgrade Ops Manager agent

2.       Copy new helper objects as above step 3.