"Performance Module could not find a performance counter" temporary workaround

OpsMgr Community,

If you are receiving alerts “Performance Module could not find a performance counter” in the Operations Manager Console, please perform thefollowing steps to disable the rule via override.

Note:  When you run the Operations Console on a computer that is not a Management Server, the Connect To Server dialog box displays. In the Server name text box, type the name of the Operations Manager 2007 Management Server to which you want the Operations Console to connect.  

1.       Navigate to the Authoring Space in the Console.

2.       Select “Rules” under “Management Pack Objects”.

3.       Type “Performance Data Source Module” in the “Look for:” box and click “Find Now”.  Be sure a Scope is not set or filtering the “Health Service” Target.

4.       Find the rule, “Performance Data Source Module could not find a performance counter” under “Type: Health Service (2)”, right-click, select “Overrides”, “Disable the Rule”, “For all objects of type:  Health Service”.

5.       When prompted, “Are you sure you want to disable this rule for Health Service?” click “Yes”.

Microsoft is working on the long-term solution to address this problem.

Thanks, Justin Incarnato

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