Authoring Event Rules in OpsMgr

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Anatomy of a Vista/Server 2008 event

There are three types of Vista/Server 2008 events which are written to various channels in the event log.

1.       The ‘pure’ Vista/Server 2008 event

These events are logged using the new Vista/Server 2008 APIs which means they were written specifically for this platform.  As such most of these events are not backwards compatible with events from a similar application on downlevel platforms.  These events are mostly written to a channel under the “Applications and Services Logs” in the event viewer, though a few creep into the “Windows Logs”.


<Event xmlns=”“>


         <Provider Name=”Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy Guid=”{aea1b4fa-97d1-45f2-a64c-4d69fffd92c9}” />







         <TimeCreated SystemTime=”2008-01-21T19:42:41.009Z” />


         <Correlation ActivityID=”{86F2A78B-6A45-4E77-A34C-2809C9AAC658}” />

         <Execution ProcessID=”976 ThreadID=”3516” />



         <Security UserID=”S-1-5-18” />



         <Data Name=”PolicyElaspedTimeInSeconds“>5</Data>

         <Data Name=”ErrorCode“>0</Data>

         <Data Name=”PrincipalSamName“>WINGROUPchristow</Data>

         <Data Name=”IsMachine“>false</Data>