Installing Web Console on Windows Server 2008

  Recently, I have seen a bunch of newsgroup questions on installing the Web Console component on Windows Server 2008.  Please take a look at the following requirements to get up and running on Server 2008    You must add the Web Server (IIS) role and then install the following server role services: IIS 6 Metabase… Read more

Installing Operations Manager 2007 Reporting successfully

Detailed below are some validation steps that should be completed before attempting to install Operations Manager 2007 Reporting.   During this installation, you are prompted for two accounts: the Data Warehouse Write account and the Data Reader account. These accounts are created as domain user accounts and added to the local Administrators group on the… Read more

The database discovery scripts (DiscoverSQL200*DB.vbs) fail on SQL servers with DBs larger than 32GB in the 6.0.6441.0 version of the SQL MP

12/3 (Final) Update:  The fixed management pack (build 6.0.6460.0) is now available on the MP Catalog!!!  I’ve removed the attachment from this post so if you want to download the MP feel free to grab it from the catalog. 12/1 Update: Due to recent changes in our tools for getting MPs posted to the web we’ve… Read more

The OpsMgr 2007 SQL MP version 6.0.6441.0 is Released – Support for SQL 2008!

The OpsMgr 2007 management pack for SQL Server has been updated and was released to the MP Catalog on 10/29/2008 (version 6.0.6441.0).  All MPs are supported on OpsMgr 2007 RTM and SP1. The table below is an excerpt from the MP guide detailing the changes and fixes that were made in this release.  I’d especially… Read more

Creating Exchange 2007 Reports using the Service Level Dashboard Solution Accelerator and the Exchange 2007 Management Pack

It is possible to create custom reports for Exchange 2007 using the Service Level Dashboard Solution Accelerator and the Exchange 2007 Management Pack. These enable you to report on Exchange availability and health against a target SLA that you define. The attached document walks through how this can be accomplished. The attached document covers two… Read more

Exchange 2003 servers with build numbers higher than 6944 are not discovered by the Exchange 2003 Management Pack for Operations Manager

The Exchange 2003 Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 uses the HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftExchangesetupnewestbuild registry entry to discover Exchange 2003 servers. It only considers servers with a newestbuild value of 6944 to be Exchange 2003 servers.   We recently had contact with a couple of customers where this value was higher than 6944 for some Exchange 2003 servers…. Read more

Operations Manager/SSAS and PerformancePoint Scorecards

Yesterday the PerformancePoint team released a sample solution that shows how to build cubes from the Operations Manager DW and then build balanced IT scorecards using Office PerformancePoint server from these cubes.   The solution contains the queries to pull from the OperationsManagerDW using SSIS, the samples cubes and sample scorecards.   The solution can be… Read more

Are Web application aggregate rollup monitor alerts not very useful?

In my last post, I described about creating an actionable alert to a specific unit monitor – the status code monitor. You can do the same for all the other unit monitors. To that post, John Curtiss responded ‘Availability aggregate rollups for the web application monitors are pretty useless’. John is right. The rollup simply… Read more