How does Computer Discovery Work in OpsMgr 2007?

This is a visual diagram of how computer discovery works in OpsMgr 2007. The list of prerequisites required to discover servers and install an agents are listed below as well:


Description: RPC endpoint mapper

Port number: 135

Protocol: TCP/UDP


Description: NetBIOS name service

Port number: 137

Protocol: TCP/UDP


Description: NetBIOS session service

Port number: 139

Protocol: TCP/UDP


Description: SMB over IP

Port number: 445

Protocol: TCP


Display Name: Netlogon

Started: True

State: Running


Description: MOM Channel

Port number: 5723

Protocol: TCP/UDP


Display Name: Windows Installer

Started: True

State: Running


Enable: File and Print Sharing

Steps on how to enable F&P can be found here:


Enable: Remote Administration Exception

Steps on how to enable Remote Admin can be found here:


Computer Discovery







































 Satya Vel