Performance and Scalability Guide Updated for ACS Sizing

The Operations Manager 2007 Performance and Scalability Guide has been updated to include Audit Collection Services sizing information. The updated guide is available on TechNet ( for browsing and the Download Center ( for download…. Read more

Supported Cluster Configurations for OpsMgr 2007

Many people have asked about the OpsMgr 2007 supported cluster configurations and I hope this blog clarifies what we support and do not support. This list of supported cluster configurations will be updated in the SP1 supported configurations document as well. Note we only support MSCS clusters.   <update>   Geographically dispersed clusters (multi-site clusters)… Read more

System Center Capacity Planner 2007 Release Candidate

I am pleased to announce that the System Center Capacity Planner (SCCP) 2007 Release Candidate is now available.  SCCP 2007 helps size and plan deployments of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, with capacity planning models for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 coming soon.  It… Read more

Remote Agent Prerequisite Checker Tool For OpsMgr 2007

With the help of one of my colleagues we have put together a remote agent prerequisite checker tool for OpsMgr 2007. This tool is the command line version of the MOMNetCheck tool we shipped with MOM 2005 resource kit. The new tool allows you to specify multiple computer names to run the check against and accounts… Read more

Marius Sutara – Notes, troubleshooting, development and comments related to System Center Operations Manager

Check out Marius’ blog on System Center Operations Manager 2007 Sample: Parameter replacements (part 1)   Management packs contain definitions of rules, monitors or composite module types where those monitoring objects need to be configured. In the configuration of the module type, in addition to providing constant values, you can also provide variable context parameter…. Read more

Targeting Series, Part 2: Why targeting a computer group fails

Targeting a computer group in Operations Manager 2007 produces unexpected results because the computer group target (that is, the class of objects that are computer groups), only exists on the root Management Server. Therefore, any rule that you target to this object class attempts to collect event information from the root Management Server. In some cases,… Read more

Service Pack 1 Release Candidate Upgrade Paths

As many of you know we released an OpsMgr 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP) Release Candidate (RC) a couple of weeks ago. The product team fully supports inplace upgrades from this release candidate to the RTM version of the Service Pack. Another important upgrade we are supporting which we have encourages more first time users to deploy… Read more

Key Concepts Guide is now available

I just put the finishing touches on the Key Concepts guide and it is posted on the download center, here: It includes the following topics: Overview of model-based design Service models and understanding relationships Health models How Operations Manager implements models Discovery Changes between 2005 and 2007 Customizing the out-of-the-box models We typically post… Read more

OpsMgr 2007 SP1 RC Now Available!

The release candidate for Service Pack 1 for Operations Manager 2007 is ready for download from   The high level themes of this service pack are: Address critical customer initiated issues including roll-up of all hotfixes Make the product easier to support Make the product easier to use Make the product easier to deploy Key… Read more