Toolkit Tools Available

New scripts and tools are available for Operations Manager! You can now download the following tools from TechNet:

Active Directory Integration Script
A script that enables you to extract a list of computer names from your custom SQL Server database, based on a specified query parameter, and add them to an Active Directory security group. You can assign the members of the security group to a specific Management Server.

Sample Vista Gadget
A Vista gadget that enables you to view the state of a specified set of objects from a computer running Windows Vista.

Operations Manager Cleanup Tool
A command-line utility that enables you to remove all of the components of Operations Manager from a local computer in cases where the typical method through the Add/Remove Programs application in the Control Panel has failed.

Action Account Tool
A Windows Power Shell script that allows you to set the action account on multiple computers.

Effective Configuration Viewer
A  tool that displays the set of rules and monitors that are running on a computer, distributed application, or any other managed entity after any configured overrides have been applied.

Operations Manager Inventory
A command-line utility that captures the configuration of your Operations Manager 2007 Management Servers and stores it in a .cab file that can be sent to Microsoft support to assist in problem analysis.

AEM Validation
A command line utility that will allow you to perform end-to-end validation of Agent-less Exception Monitoring to verify that AEM is properly configured and operational.

AEM Management Pack
A Management Pack that enables you to identify generic errors sent by Windows Error Reporting (WER) clients to Management Servers that are AEM-enabled. Without this mapping function these errors appear in Operations Manager as “unknown application” or “unknown version”.

Check them out here: