MOM is a movie star!

MOM 2005 is featured in a new Harrison Ford movie that recently came out called Firewall.  While I can’t say much for the movie itself, it was cool to see MOM in action on the big screen.

You can clearly see MOM running on a second monitor in Harrison Ford’s office about a third of the way through the movie.  About two thirds of the way through the movie, Harrison Ford uploads a virus into the system and MOM goes into action!  The state view goes from green –> red in a sweeping cascade of failures and then Harrison Ford pivots to a topology view where the servers are blinking red.  Error messages start opening in new windows and cascading across the desktop.

It was all pretty dramatic, but a lot of it was Hollywood.  For one, the State view refreshes all at once not in a cascading update.  The topology control cannot have blinking red servers on it.  And MOM doesnt generate error message windows that cascade across your desktop.

Maybe MOM will win Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars?

Here is a link to the movie site:

Also – don’t be fooled.  There are lots of shots of other Microsoft products including Windows, Outlook, and Visio.  We all got fooled more than once by fleeting glimpses of Outlook and Visio.  But when MOM shows up on the scene there is no mistaking it!