Companion Guides: IT Compliance & Software + Services

I've received several follow-up e-mails asking where the Companion Guides can be found and two of them are indeed available.  The MOF IT Compliance Companion Guide is released and can be downloaded here. The MOF Planning for Software + Services Guide is currently in beta and can be downloaded from the MOF Connect site here.  The two System Center guides are underway and I hope to have something to show early next year (Q1 2009).

More to come!

Jason Osborne

MOF Frameworks PM

Comments (3)

  1. Cleber Marques says:

    Great news, we are waiting for 🙂

    Tnx for this documents Jason.


  2. Jose Luis says:


    Will there be official courseware (MOC) for MOF 4.0?


  3. Marion says:

    That’s deninitely true what you have said I agree with what you have stated You made the points looks easy that’s what we all are expecting Will be subscribing your feeds do keep updating with such topics.

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