Looking to hire a MOF Program Manager

We currently have an immediate need for a MOF PM to join the team here in Redmond, WA.  I have posted the job description below and if you are interested in applying please forward contact me using the contact form on this site.  The one thing I would add to the job description is that we're looking for someone who can help continue to drive and evolve our strategy around community and customer and partner engagement.  And please note, this job is located 100% in Redmond, WA with no possibility for a remote employee.

Job Description:

MOF Program Manager

Microsoft Program Manager

Who we are:

The Solutions for Management and Infrastructure (SAMI) team has two main areas of focus. We solve customer problems by continuing to develop the Microsoft Operations Framework, MOF, integrate MOF concepts with guidance and tools for compelling solutions, and drive manageability improvements into the Microsoft products. 

Our team, SA-MI, has been responsible for the some of the solution accelerators found on the Microsoft web site such as Microsoft Operations Framework, MOF Continuous Improvement Roadmap, Windows Vista Service Lifecycle Management, Infrastructure Planning and Design, and Business Desktop Deployment.

During FY 09, our primary focus will be developing a vibrant service management community that extends MOF content and supports the improvement of IT services.  Through collaboration with product groups, MSN, MSIT and Services, our goal is to deliver IT professionals the right solutions to improve their effectiveness.  

What we need:

We are looking for people experienced in the areas of operations management, service management, and automation.  Do you want to lead the charge on solving tough IT service challenges such as the integration of people, process and technology to support the automation of IT services such as provisioning, identity management, software update.  If challenges like these are your passion then SAMI is the place for you.

Main Responsibilities:

Acting as an internal Microsoft solutions integrator, the role will include the envisioning, planning and execution management of MOF- related solutions.  A focus for this role will be extending and driving the MOF community to further enhance and extend MOF content.  It is an opportunity to take projects from inception to completion in a short time frame typically 9-12 month cycles. It includes significant cross group collaboration.

Necessary Skills:

·         Passion and vision for solving IT service management challenges and connecting MOF to the Microsoft platform.  

·         Passion for customers, partners, and relationship building. An understanding of online communities.

·         MOF and ITIL knowledge with 7 to 10 years of IT service management and operations management experience

·         Demonstrable and highly effective cross-team collaboration and communication skills

·         Deep program management skills; virtual team management experience

·         Strong presentation, oral and written capabilities


Job location is Redmond, WA

Compensation: Competitive depending on experience

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jason Osborne

Frameworks PM

Comments (1)

  1. Cleber Marques says:

    Hi Jason,

    That is good news, I wish luck for your team to find a good and engaged person. If I didn’t so young and had more experience I would offer because work with MOF would be a dream. Good luck for you and keep in touch.

    Ps: Let me say a news to you. I’m to do a training video for MOFF certification 🙂

    Best wishes,

    Cleber Marques

    MOF Brazil Project


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