Project Hana (MOF v4) updates Beta Release

The Frameworks team continued its journey along the winding road to Hana by releasing a significant beta update this past Friday.  With this release we have now released initial versions of every core Service Management Function (SMF) with the exception of the Team Model, which I can assure is coming!  So, without further delay, below is the latest beta invitation e-mail, along with the Connect ID and Invitation link necessary for you to access the content and share your feedback and opinions with us.


Interested in improving your IT Service Management?  Optimize your IT Processes with Hana (MOF v4)

Hana guidance provides a structured approach for IT process optimization.  Hana integrates MSF and MOF, plus extends the guidance to include planning and governance. Hana enables you align IT with your business goals, deliver IT as a service, and leverage compliance activities to optimize your people’s effectiveness.  


This beta includes the following documents:

·         Hana Beta Reviewers Guide 3

·         Business/IT Alignment SMF

·         Change and Configuration SMF

·         Customer Service SMF

·         Financial Management SMF

·         Problem Management SMF

·         MOF Overview

·         Mapping Spreadsheet (earlier versions of MOF to version 4.0)

·         Design and Deliver Phase Overview

·         Operate and Support Phase Overview

·         Plan and Optimize Phase Overview

·         Manage and Adapt Integration Layer Overview

·         Build SMF

·         Deploy SMF

·         Envision SMF

·         Governance, Risk, and Compliance SMF

·         Operations Management SMF

·         Policy Management SMF

·         Project Plan SMF

·         Reliability Management SMF

·         Service Monitoring and Control SMF

·         Stabilize SMF


Our goal for this beta is to receive feedback from a broad group of IT experts regarding Hana’s content structure and high-level concepts across the entire set of SMFs.  Your feedback will be addressed in our March and April beta releases, but we’ll need your input soon to make Hana the best it can be.


Before you start reading the content, please take a look at the Reviewer’s Guide, which lists some of the specific feedback we’re seeking. We’ve intentionally presented content in different ways in certain SMFs, and how you respond to these differences will guide our final choices.  The Hana beta is available on the Connect website via invitation only.


To join the Beta, visit our Connect site.


We are very excited to get this content out in front of an even wider audience and relying on you to continue to provide open and honest feedback for us to make Hana truly be a collection of industry best practices.  Please let us know what you think!


Thank you,


Jason Osborne

Frameworks PM

Comments (9)

  1. jasono says:


    I’ve sent you an e-mail as well, but MOF 4.0 released quite some time ago and can be found at  Let us know if you need additional help.

    Jason Osborne

    Program Manager

  2. jasono says:

    If you are having any problems accessing the beta USING the link to Connect provided in this Blog post, please use the Contact form on this blog or e-mail me directly and I will see that you receive an invite.  I’m not sure what the issue is as most people are now able to Connect with the program directly, but we will get it worked out.

    Jason Osborne

    Frameworks PM

  3. Anonymous says:

    If your co-worker knew something about you… that you forgot to put deodorant on, or that you had toilet

  4. Dave says:

    and yet I can’t join

    you sir are a tease 😉

    is there any way to request an invite perhaps?

  5. Dave says:

    ummmm – OK – I’m dense!!

    It did work, I just didn’t look in the right place

    Sorry for troubling you

    btw – this looks like really good work.

  6. Cleber Marques says:

    Hi Jason,

    This news about the Project Hana are so interesting, I hope that you (and MOF team) had received my feedback.


    Cleber Marques

  7. Jonathan Cassidy says:

    Project Hana Beta

    Hi Jason,

    If it’s not too late, could you send an invitation for me to join Project Hana Beta please?




  8. Carlos Suarez says:

    I’m very interested in the opportunity to preview Hana, but can’t access through the Connect site… Could you please send me an invite to join the beta?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,


  9. Colin Mason says:

    I have registered and been informed that e-mail has been sent – nada

    Have need, desire and interest to implement MOF within a new business and would like to get ahead of the game before even employments gets of the ground…


    Col M

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