MOF Update = Project Hana

The MOF Update has now moved into the earliest stages of our beta / Request for Comment period and as such has graduated from the generic MOF Update name to an official Microsoft codename.  All of the update work to Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) and Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) is now being referred to as Project Hana.  And if you're wondering at the story behind the name, Hana, a beautiful town on Maui, Hawaii lies at the end of 100 turns along a very lengthy, windy, coastal mountainous road.  The path to service management excellence can be just as windy and twisty but equally rewarding at the end.  And I should thank one of our fine partners for that analogy as it makes for a much better story for how we picked the name than the true one.


As I mentioned, Project Hana has now released into our earliest beta and while this particular beta is not widely open to the public, I did want to share with you what we have released to date by posting our invitation e-mail. 


Project Hana (MOFv4) is now available on Connect. We invite you to take a look at the latest additions to this significant restructuring of MOF—then let us know what you think.


This beta includes the following documents:


·         Reviewer’s Guide

·         Governance, Risk, and Compliance SMF

·         Policy Management SMF

·         Envision SMF

·         Project Plan SMF

·         Build SMF

·         Stabilize SMF

·         Deploy SMF

·         Mapping Spreadsheet (earlier versions of MOF to version 4.0)

·         MOF Overview

·         Manage and Adapt Integration Layer Overview

·         Plan and Optimize Phase Overview

·         Design and Deliver Phase Overview

·         Operate and Support Phase Overview

·         Reliability Management SMF

·         Service Monitoring and Control SMF

·         Operations Management SMF


Our goal for this beta is to get feedback about Hana’s content structure and high-level concepts.  Before you dig into the content, please take a look at the Reviewer’s Guide, which lists some of the specific feedback we’re seeking. We’ve intentionally presented content in different ways in certain SMFs, and we’d like to focus your attention to guide our final choices.

And if you're interested in taking a look at this content and leaving your stamp on the next version of the framework, I promise you will have your chance soon as we will be broadening the access to the beta quickly.  And in the meantime, if you feel you need to see the content quickly, feel free to e-mail me and we'll try to accomodate you as soon as we can.


Thank you,


Jason Osborne

Frameworks PM


Comments (7)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Same for me. Cannot find it on connect.

    Good day.

  2. prinz says:

    I could not find hana poject (or mof update) on in  available connections (

  3. prinz says:

    as i may guess one needs some invitation to get access to this connection (its there but it requires an invitation). But where can we get this invitaton?

  4. prinz says:

    Thanks a lot for invitation.

    another question: is ther any readings avialable about relation (interrelation) between new MOF and MSF (microsoft solution framework)?

  5. Dave says:

    I thought the same too – but when you get to the list of projects on the colutions accelerators page you see the link to project hana home page under announcements right down at the bottom.

    This takes you to an overview of the project. The real stuff is under a link on the left labeled "Downloads"

    My initial mistake was to discount this and think it was the general "Microsoft Downloads" link – it’s not. It is the link to download the project files.

    Which btw  look impressive (to my non-upgraded ITILv2 mind)

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