Announcement: Windows Vista Service Lifecycle Management now available!

For a slight change of pace, I wanted to let everyone know that today we have officially released Windows Vista Service Lifecycle Management (WV-SLM).  WV-SLM is the first of a new line of MOF offerings designed to take service management best practices and make them real for the IT professional by applying them directly to a specific technology platform. WV-SLM applies service management concepts to both IT service roles and the service lifecycle itself - from the envisioning phase to the operation of the service.  Templates, job aids, and examples provided for every role and phase of the lifecycle specifically applied to the Windows Vista platform make concepts easy to adopt and adapt.  Explanations of related products, features, and freely available Solution Accelerators  link readers to the technologies and guidance that will further assist them in automating their service workflows.  This new approach to MOF guidance shows how the concepts from the MOF Team and Process models can be applied by specific IT personas to a real service (the desktop) common to most organizations.

As this is a new approach for us, and one we hope to continue beyond the MOF Update, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on WV-SLM.  If you have an opinion to share, feel free to e-mail me, or click on Comments below and let us know!


Jason Osborne

Frameworks PM


Windows Vista Service Life-Cycle Management Announcement.doc

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