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We just got back on Monday from Fort and a major review cycle with the US Army Combined Arms Center.  For the last week, we have been editing the various pieces of the Military Presentation Method, wrapping up the Microsoft Fiscal year, and taking care of some administrivia so please excuse the tardiness in this post.

Over the next two weeks, we will be doing more editing of the Military Presentation Method deliverables so please be patients if there are gaps in posts.  I hope that we’ll be able to do a bunch as we get ready to drop the final version of the Military Presentation Method proof of concept to the US Army.

Now a few weeks ago I promised to give an end-to-end overview of the Modern Presentation Method Posts so our new readers could bring themselves up to speed.  Here you go.

Go here for a Quick Introduction to the Modern Presentation Method.

  1. What is the Modern Presentation Method?
  2. The Modern Presentation Method – It’s Not All About PowerPoint!!!
  3. Hello World!
  4. The Dirty Half-Dozen – Today’s Most Common Presentation Problems and How The Modern Presentation Method Helps You Outflank Them.
  5. The Modern Presentation Method Guiding Principles
  6. The Science behind MPM – The Picture Superiority Effect


Go here for each of the major steps in the Method:

  1. Visualize
    1. How to Visualize a Great Presentation – Part One
    2. How to Visualize a Great Presentation – Part Two: The Presentation Spectrum
    3. How to Visualize a Great Presentation – Part Three
    4. Visualization Checklist
    5. Time Management and MPM

  2. Storyboard

    1. MPM Step #2: Storyboarding – Fast, Easy, and Useful

  3. Build

    1. MPM Step #3: Build & Refine Your Presentation, an Overview
    2. Get Some Meat In Your Presentation – Adding Content!
    3. Telling It Like It Is: Using Real World Stories in Your Presentation
    4. Seeing is Believing! Using Demonstrations in Your Presentation
    5. Lies, Damn Lies, and Data – When and How to Use Data in Your Presentation
    6. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – Don’t Take My Word On It – Ask The Oregon Ducks
    7. Video – The Ultimate Commercial in Your Presentation
    8. Handouts – They’re Not Just for Distracting Your Audience!

  4. Refine

    1. Rehearse or Die! (Step 4 of MPN Rehearse (and Refine) your Presentation)
    2. Need to Review a PowerPoint Presentation? Then Build a Storyboard Using This Template!!


Here are some great best practices.

  1. Slide Re-Use is Audience Abuse!
  2. Dark Room = Dark Slide Background
  3. Get Your Picture ON! – Finding and Using Great Pics and Graphics
  4. Length Matters – Really!
  5. A Template Tantrum – What Makes a Great PowerPoint Template?
  6. Converting an Old Deck to a Gold Deck – An Example
  7. Slide Karaoke – Stop The Madness
  8. Post 2 Today – The Incredible, Edible INFOGRAPHIC
  9. The Science behind MPM – Overcoming Omission Bias and Loss Aversion Bias in Your Organization
  10. Introducing Your Organization to the Modern Presentation Method


For Graphics Library Examples, templates, and other how to’s please peruse the blog, they are all over the place.  Here are some examples:

  1. A Super Template – Steal This And Use It!
  2. Break the Glass Ceiling – 52 Glass Shapes To Use in Your Next Presentation
  3. Charts and Graphs
  4. Decision Briefing Infographic – Don’t Be A Tool!
  5. I Hear The Choppers Coming – Apache Helicopter Icons
  6. Army Aviation Map Symbols – 176 of them!


I know that’s a lot, but if you are a newcomer this is the way to read through all of the content.  As always, feel free to post questions.



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