Moving from BIOS to UEFI with MDT 8443


If you watched the Microsoft Mechanics video on MBR2GPT, the new tool for converting disks from MBR layout to GPT layout as part of the BIOS to UEFI conversion process, you may have spied an MDT task sequence being used.  I thought it would be useful to provide those as samples that you could use…


Hiding pages in Settings with Windows 10 1703

A common request from organizations is to have a way to hide some of the pages inside the Windows 10 “Settings” app, like you could do before with the Control Panel applets.  There is a new policy available in Windows 10 1703 that now enables this.  It’s available in Group Policy at “Computer Configuration –>…


Removing “Contact Support” app

It seems a lot of blogs start off as either e-mail or IM conversations – this one is included in that category (thanks to Justin Chalfant).  The question is fairly simple:  How do you remove the “Contact Support” app from Windows 10 1607?  If you remember back to the original Windows 10 releases, this wasn’t…


Deploying Nano Server using MDT

As you may be aware, the Nano Server installation option for Windows Server 2016 is unique – you don’t deploy it like you do with any other Windows OS.  (See for more details.)  But that doesn’t mean you can’t use MDT to simplify some of the steps that are described at So where…


Windows 10 1607: Keeping apps from coming back when deploying the feature update

For those of you that have deployed Windows 10 1511, you’re probably already starting to work with Windows 10 1607, getting ready for initial pilot deployments so that you’re ready for broad deploying of Windows 10 1607 in the coming months.  As part of that work, you would notice that apps you had removed from…


Windows 10, Delivery Optimization, and WSUS: Take #2

01/31/2017:  Edited to reflect a change in the minimum disk size. I had posted an article about Windows 10 1607, Delivery Optimization, and WSUS last week at, but based on conversations with the engineering team and more testing of my own using virtual machines, I thought it would be good to make a second…


Using WSUS with Windows 10 1607?

Note:  Consider this post obsolete and replaced by, which offers more detail and clarity around the behavior of Delivery Optimization in both Windows 10 1511 and 1607. For those of you who have started deploying Windows 10 1607 (edit: and Windows 10 1511), you might notice a change in the behavior of the Windows…


Windows 10 1607 downloads available on VLSC

With the release of Windows 10 version 1607 (a.k.a. the anniversary update), we’ve posted the volume license media on the Volume Licensing Service Center.  It’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for, so here are some tips:   Search for “Windows 10” to get a list of products.  When you select a particular…

In the NYC area on Friday, March 25th?

I’ll be at the Microsoft office in Times Square presenting on Windows 10 and Windows as a service at the IT Pro Con NY event,  Registration is still open, with content on Windows, PowerShell, Azure, SharePoint, and Exchange presented throughout the day.  Sign up here:

Documentation updates for Windows 10 1511

The team responsible for creating Windows documentation was very busy, creating new documentation and updating existing documentation for the functionality in the Windows 10 1511 feature update.  If you haven’t yet found these documentation updates, here’s a handy list that they compiled for all the new stuff: Security content Windows Defender in Windows 10 (4…