New version of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit released!

A new version of MDT, build 8456, was released today.  You can read about all the changes here:

and download it from here:

From my perspective, the biggest change is a new feature that offers something ConfigMgr customers have had for quite a while: support for nested task sequences.  Support for Windows Server 2019 is quite useful too.  There are plenty of other small changes (read the full list in the release notes, which are very thorough), but overall it should be a low-risk upgrade.  (As always, make sure you back up your deployment share before upgrading, then re-integrate any script changes you might have made, if necessary.) 

I’ve already upgraded my deployment shares, looking forward to hearing stories of people using this new release in production Smile

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  1. AbfSailor says:

    Thanks, Michael!

    We just installed MDT 8456 and when we try to open the deployment share properties and navigate to “Windows PE” the mmc.exe console crashes.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you kindly,
    Eric Ohlin

    1. AbfSailor says:

      I was able to fix it. It was because I had the ADK installed but not the separate WINPE environment. All set! Thanks!

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