New Windows Autopilot resources available

It’s been a busy day for new Windows Autopilot resources.  First, we launched a new Windows Autopilot landing page, with high-level details about Windows Autopilot capabilities and feature (with more to be added in the future, stayed tuned).  Visit to check it out.


Next, we published a (nearly completely) new set of documentation at to help you learn more about Windows Autopilot requirements, scenarios and capabilities, administration, troubleshooting, and more.


If you have feedback on the docs, click the “Feedback” link at the top of the page to let us know.  Or, if you are particularly adventurous, you can edit the doc yourself by clicking the “Edit” link, then submit your proposed changes to our documentation team – if they agree with your changes, they’ll approve them for publishing.  (As an added bonus, your small picture can appear as a contributor to the article.)

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  1. Hi, great stuff this.

    Is there any news on when the hybrid AD join feature will be available?

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