Quick workaround for ADK 1703 issue

If you read about the issue with the ADK 1703 release that Aaron blogged about here, you know that there’s an issue installing the new ADK on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 if you are running Secure Boot (which you should be running and shouldn’t turn off).  This is due to an improperly signed WIMMOUNT driver included in the ADK; we’re working on finding a way to publish an updated driver that is signed.  There are two symptoms:

  • A popup from the Program Compatibility Assistant during the ADK installation.
  • A failure to mount any WIMs after ADK 1703 is installed.  That manifests itself in MDT like this:


The interesting part of this:  The driver included in the OS itself would work fine; it’s already properly signed.  So just use that one instead of the one in the ADK.  There’s probably several ways to go about this, but I’ll stick with simple:  Use REGEDIT.EXE, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WIMMount, and edit the ImagePath value.  It starts off like this:


Change the ImagePath to instead be:


And presto, now you can mount WIMs again:


Comments (10)
  1. Frank says:

    Same issue also with App-V sequencer from ADK 1703.

  2. Manuel Müller says:

    What a mess!

  3. Haecki says:

    Thanks Michael,
    you should be back on track in the MDT-/ConfigMgr Team!

  4. Michael Stewart says:

    Thanks Michael!

    1. Todd says:

      WinPE has had a worse problem and for a longer period… Here is how to get WinPE 1703 working on an 802.1x protected network A year is a really long time to wait for a fix to this problem, eh?

      1. Per says:

        Has the 802.1x problem been reported to Microsoft?
        Posting to a forum is not the same as reporting a bug.

  5. valkenaer says:

    Michael, thank you for this post. I couldn’t figure out why the “Upgrade to 1703” Task Sequence worked on every pc but my own. Now I do 😉

  6. Dietmar says:

    Since Windows 10 there are new issues in every release of ADK. USMT issue, schema.dat issue, dism import drivers issue and now this issue. What a shame!

    1. Sean Huggans says:

      Has the DISM issue with windows 7 drivers been resolved with this release?

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