MDT 2013: What’s changed?

I did a session at TechEd New Zealand a few weeks ago talking about what’s changed in MDT 2013.  As part of that session, I put together a list of all the changes in the MDT 2013 release, comparing all the scripts and configuration files, looking through all the bugs fixed, etc.  Since that information might be useful to others (at minimum to convince people that this is a rather low-risk upgrade if you are deploying Windows 7 and above and using ConfigMgr 2012 R2), the list is included below.


DeployWiz_LanguageUI.xml. Fixed Brazilian Portugese keyboard layout references.

LTIApply.wsf. Fixed issues with UEFI x86 and UEFI prestaged media deployments.

InternationalSettings.xml. Fixed Russian Standard Time text to correctly indicate UTC+04:00.

OSDBranding(x64).vbs. Added logic to ensure only app variables are branded to the registry.

ServerManager.xml. Updated role list to add Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 roles and features, removed entries for OSes that are no longer supported.

ZTIDataAccess.vbs. Modified logic to try all ConfigMgr R2 network access accounts.

ZTIExecuteRunbook.vbs. Modified logic to try all ConfigMgr R2 network access accounts.

ZTIOSRole.wsf. Added logic to install Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 roles and features.

ZTIPSUtility.vbs. Modified logic to handle new PowerShell versions.

ZTISupportedPlatforms.xml. Modified to match OS versions supported by MDT 2013.

ZTIUtility.vbs. Modified logic to try all ConfigMgr R2 network access accounts.

Task sequence templates

SCCM_Client.xml, SCCM_Server.xml. Fixed UEFI format steps to set OSDTemporaryDrive and OSDisk variables, removed Windows XP/Server 2003 format steps.

Other files

BDDAdminDB.sql. Modified the application field name to allow for names up to 255 characters.

Unattend_(x86/x64).xml. Removed IE welcome page setting, added replacement IE settings.

GPO packs. Removed all the GPO packs.

Bug fixes

Fixed error while updating winpeshl.ini when DaRT is included in boot images.

Fixed issue with locating DaRT remote control viewer.

Removed ConfigMgr 2007 from integration wizard.

That’s the list.  If a particular script file isn’t listed, it hasn’t changed (except for the version number).  There were some other behind-the-scenes changes (e.g. to support ADK for Windows 8.1), but you won’t notice those.

Remember that MDT 2013 only supports deployment of WIndows 7 or above, using ADK for Windows 8.1 only, and doesn’t support any version of ConfigMgr prior to 2012 R2.  If you are still deploying Windows XP or Windows Vista, or using ConfigMgr 2007 or 2012 SP1, keep using MDT 2012 Update 1, which is still supported.

Also, be sure to read the list of known issues in the release notes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some good learning tools-books/videos on configuring and using MDT 2013 to deploy various OS’s and suites of programs? I’ve used WAIK previously with success but am completely new to the MDT 2013 scenario. I’ve watched several videos on MDT 2012 but 13 appears to have some enhancements and little do.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When will the problem with GPOpacks not applying to Windows 8.1/2012R2 be fixed? The logic is not present in the script to detect the new operating systems. Seems like a fairly glaring oversight.

  3. Anonymous says:

    When will the problem with GPOpacks not applying to Windows 8.1/2012R2 be fixed? The logic is not present in the script to detect the new operating systems. Seems like a fairly glaring oversight.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Has there been any progress on the workgrounds mentioned in earlier comments? We found ourselves in a position where we cannot retire MDT 2012 because we need to be able to deploy XP, and we need to be able to deploy 8.1 because of incoming standard slate hardware.

    Thank you.


  5. HapppyWino says:

    Hmm…shouldn’t OSList.xml in the Bin folder have changed too…?

  6. Frank Trout says:

    Mike, even though it's not your responsibility anymore, your still helping us lesser people. Thank you.

  7. I may not write the code any more, but I still have enough responsibility for MDT and Windows deployment to stay on top of things 🙂

  8. Todd Meyers says:

    Mike, I have a problem after upgrading to MDT 2013 on the Gather step.  When it should be querying the SQL database, it throws up a GUI box for credentials.  Entering the credentials still fails.  This is on a Windows 7 task sequence in ConfigMgr 2012, the only change being pointing to the MDT 2013 Toolkit package.  If I replace ZTIUtility.vbs in the package with the version from MDT 2012 Update 1, Gather runs successfully.  I can see that ZTIUtility was significantly changed in MDT 2013, but I am not good enough at code to figure out why it is failing.

  9. Todd Meyers (Deloitte) says:

    Gather works if I change the lines in MDT 2013's ZTIUtility.vbs from this:

    'Map the SCCM user variables to the CS.INI variables

    GetNextNAACred 0 'Attempt to get first NAA info

    To this:

    'Map the SCCM user variables to the CS.INI variables

    'GetNextNAACred 0 'Attempt to get first NAA info

    If oEnvironment.Item("_SMSTSReserved1") <> "" AND oEnvironment.Item("_SMSTSReserved2") <> "" Then

    OEnvironment.Item("UserDomain") = Left(oEnvironment.Item("_SMSTSReserved1"),Instr(oEnvironment.Item("_SMSTSReserved1"),"")-1)

    oEnvironment.Item("UserID")= Mid(oEnvironment.Item("_SMSTSReserved1"),Instr(oEnvironment.Item("_SMSTSReserved1"),"")+1)


    End if

  10. You read that MDT 2013 doesn't support older versions of ConfigMgr, right?  🙂

  11. Todd Meyers (Deloitte) says:

    Ha, well…you did mention it a couple of times above, but not supported doesn't necessarily mean it won't work.  Since the guys who manage SCCM probably won't be upgrading for weeks or months, I thought I'd try it anyway.  Duly noted and thanks.  🙂

  12. Uriah says:

    Is DaRT still integrated in the same way by dropping the Toolsx64 and x86 cab files into the deployment share Tools folder? Is DaRT 7 supported?

  13. Matt Rix says:

    Hi Mike,

    Is the deployment of Windows 8.1 supported by MDT 2012 Update 1.

    We are currently running MDT 2012 Update 1 and the Windows ADK for Windows 8 and I am just wandering if an MDT update is really required?

    If an update is required is it just a case of uninstalling the ADK and then installing ADK 8.1 and then install MDT 2013 over the top of the existing version. Is it also best to remove my XP data from the DS before upgrading or can it be left for archiving purposes?

    Cheers, Matt

  14. No, MDT 2012 Update 1 doesn't support Windows 8.1 deployment.  You would need to upgrade to MDT 2013 and the new ADK.

    After doing the upgrades, existing XP task sequences won't work any more, nor will you be able to use Windows XP as a source OS (e.g. as an XP to Windows 8.1 migration) due to some incompatibilities with the new ADK.  We're still working on documenting workarounds to make that path work.

  15. Jim Mac says:

    Are there any special steps that need to be taken with linked deployment shares when upgrading from MDT 2010 to 2013? Will I have to re-run a content replication after updating? I'm not using SCCM, we just run a LTI from the MDT server via WDS. Thanks

  16. JaredCEG says:


    firstly a massive thank you for all you have done for the community over the years.

    We are in the process of moving servers and services around at the moment so I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade to a fresh MDT install.

    I thought I would just let MDT go grab all the components it needed to run (ADK, MAP…) This appears to have been a bad idea. It seems to have downloaded and installed the old components for MDT 2012. Is this a known issue? I was trying to work out what version of MDT I have installed but all I could find was the old help files saying 2012 (this is a documented known issue) where can I find what version is actually installed?

    An other question… can MDT 2012 and 2013 co exist on the same server?

    Thanks for your time.


  17. Yes, your best bet is to completely ignore the Components page – none of them have been updated for MDT 2013, so you'll download stuff you don't need.  Grab the ADK for Windows 8.1 yourself and you're set.

    No, MDT 2012 and 2013 can't coexist on the same machine – installing MDT 2013 will upgrade the existing 2012 install, and the other order is blocked.

  18. Richard UK says:

    Hi Michael,does this sound feasible? Using MDT2013 to create 8.1 images then copying them to SCCM 2007 for distribution?

  19. ConfigMgr 2007 does not support Windows 8.1 deployment because it doesn't support using Windows PE 5.0, the only version supported to deploy Windows 8.1.

  20. Richard says:

    Thanks Mike, really appreciated. Without an SCCM 2012 upgrade in sight I was looking for some co-existence and thought that an 8.1 WIM created in MDT 2013 sucked down from SCCM2007 with an LTI PXE on USB might be a plan. Is that a no then? Is there a halfway house or just abandon SCCM2007 for 8.1 or could it just be used for patching? Many thanks, Richard  

  21. Jason says:

    Any chance there will be a fix for MDT 2013 and UEFI Server Task Squences any time in the near future.. its a real shame not being able to deploy R2 GEN 2 VM's

  22. Huascar says:

    Quick question, what's the word on supporting split WIM's for use with FAT32 USB drives?  We are getting requests for Win8.1 tablet support and would like to continue using MDT to manage our deployments but our WIMs with patches and base apps is over the 4GB limit of Fat32.


  23. thomas says:

    Hey Huascar,

    I think most tablets will have a network adapter dongle, so you can pxe boot them. Im deploying Dell tablet via dockingstation, with great success. So maybe that could solve your problem.

  24. Huascar says:

    Thanks for the comment Thomas.  I was thinking the same thing for our in buildroom (which already used MDT and WDS) but we have plenty of low bandwith sites where this won't be feasable.  I was hoping there was some sort of flash drive work around or that support for split wims had been added since I don't understand why the support hasnt been added, seems to me that it would only be a matter of a few logic changes for the scripts.  (not that I'm complaining about all the other wonderful work that has been done with MDT already).

  25. Kirk Hammett says:


    i'm just using MDT 2013 since few weeks…

    I'm having some pb with domain integration process…

    Computername is set un uppercase. i'm searching a tip to put computername in lowercase in my AD…

    If you would have any idea… Thanks a lot.

  26. Saeid says:

    I have a windows 8.1 virtual machine that I have created with MDT 2013 standard TS.
    the image is in suspend mode so I can make changes before starting the capture.
    My question is that if it is possible to change the backup location from default to another location and to another deployment share while the image is in suspend mode?

  27. Anonymous says:

    What’s New in MDT 2013?

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