Troubleshooting Windows Deployments, take #2

Traveling from New Zealand to Australia for the TechEd Australia conference, I had some additional time to work on the troubleshooting guide, which is now starting to feel more like a book.  I added two sections to this document, one reviewing all the possible return codes from the MDT scripts (yes, there are lots of them, over 30 pages worth) as well as from USMT 5.0.

As you can probably tell, my focus is still on reference material.  See the attached file below.

Troubleshooting Windows Deployments 2012-09-11.pdf

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  1. Bavo Bostoen says:

    Please continue developing this document – very useful and badly needed in my opinion.

  2. Alexandr says:

    thank you very much! very useful material! I reposted it in my blog

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