Revisiting LTI deployment wizard application selection profiles

A few years back, I posted a blog at describing how to modify the Lite Touch wizard so that the deployment wizard shows a different list of applications based on the task sequence that was selected.  This worked fine with MDT 2010 Update 1, but there have been a few changes to the scripts and the structure since then.  So how do you need to do it now?  Well, it hasn’t changed much, but just enough to break things.

First, the script that you need to modify is now DeployWiz_Applications.vbs.  This script contains the logic that is specific to the application wizard pane.  (In MDT 2012, the wizard was split up so that each pane uses its own wizard files, see for more details.)  The logic that needs to be changed is in the same “IsThereAtLeastOneApplicationPresent” function, but one of the variable names was changed from “oXMLAppList” to “g_oXMLAppList” to reflect that it is a global variable.  So now the logic needs to be changed to look like this:


So the first line is changed from:

g_oXMLAppList.sSelectionProfile = oEnvironment.Item("WizardSelectionProfile")


g_oXMLAppList.sSelectionProfile = oEnvironment.Substitute("For %TaskSequenceID%")  ' MODIFIED

and the second section is added:

If dXMLCollection.count = 0 then
        g_oXMLAppList.sSelectionProfile = oEnvironment.Item("WizardSelectionProfile") 
        Set dXMLCollection = g_oXMLAppList.FindItems 
End if

The key changes from the original version are highlighted above.  So that’s all there is to it, now the logic should work fine with MDT 2012 and MDT 2012 Update 1.

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  1. Thanks for the help on this one!

  2. No, there would be no entries in CustomSettings.ini for this.  This is because %TaskSequenceID% is blank at the time CustomSettings.ini is evaluated.

  3. Travis says:

    Is this what my customsettings should look like?






  4. Raffi says:

    Hello Michael, thanks for the article but i have a big problem.

    It seems, that the variable %TaskSequenceID% isn´t known at this time.

    On my system (fresh install of testenvironement) a MsgBox("%TaskSequenceID%")

    Shows %TaskSequenceID%

    Any suggestions?? It´s really urgent.



  5. jesse says:

    I'm getting:

    Error: 424 = Object Required

    VBScript Code:




  6. Adam5740 says:


    Applied all setting, keep getting error 1032 from DeployWiz_Apllications:

    'Bail out early if …. application step in the

    ends there

  7. Adam5740 says:

    From above, the error comes from:

    – Wizard.hta

    Line 321 Char 3

    Object Required: 'oElement'

  8. gaurav pandey says:

    I want to create a local profile and I want to do in my post installation task sequence can u please guide me how I do this what r the steps ???


  9. Chuck says:

    Using MDT 2013, any reason why I would be receiving an error 5206 at the end of my build with these changes? Reverting and running the same tasks there is no 5206 error.

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