MDT 2012 Update 1: UDI “Build Your Own Pages”

One of the challenges with previous versions of the UDI wizard was extensibility.  With MDT 2010 Update 1, there was no way to add a new page.  With MDT 2012, you could do this by writing C++ and C# code, which at least made it doable, but beyond the capabilities of most organizations.  Now with MDT 2012 Update 1, you can build your own pages without writing any code, directly from the UDI Designer.

Here are the basics for doing that:

  • Launch the UDI Designer and open an existing wizard configuration file, e.g. UDIWizard_config.xml.
  • Click the “Add Page” button:
  • In the dialog, select “Build Your Own Page” then provide a page name (only used in the designer) and a display name (shown in the wizard’s navigation pane):
  • Find the new page in the Page Library on the left side of the designer window.  Double-click on the page to open it in the page editor:
  • Add whatever controls you want by dragging and dropping them onto the design surface, changing the properties on the Layout and Settings tabs as needed:
  • Click the “Flow” tab, then drag the new page from the page library to the right location in the flow:
  • Finally, you can preview your changes by clicking the “Preview” button:
  • When you are happy with the look and feel, save the new configuration, then update the MDT toolkit files package to make that new file available to the task sequence.

That’s all there is to it. 

Comments (10)
  1. Sorry, you'll still have to write C++ code to create validators.

  2. No, sorry, the UDI editor is only for ConfigMgr.  You can use the MDT Wizard Editor on CodePlex for the Lite Touch wizard.

  3. UDI User says:

    Will there be an easier way to create UDI Validators in this release or does this still require C++ code?  I want to use web services to check fields against AD.

  4. UDI User says:

    Any good examples of C++ code that works with web services out there?

    Something that does something similar to…/bac4593b-053b-48c4-95ea-fea0174f6685

  5. Gyzmos says:

    Hi Michael, is there a way I can use the UDI editor in a normal MDT Deployment?

    So far I've seen its only in combination with SCCM..

    Many thanks

  6. Joachim says:

    I created a custom page with custom images. The page is displayed but the images are marked as "Image not found". I used the images which are already available in the toolkit package. I also copied them into the x64 and x86 folder but it's still not working.

    Any suggestions where these images have to be saved and which path has to be entered in the Wizard Designer?

    Thanks in advance


  7. Scott says:

    So this can only be used with a MDT and SCCm setup, not MDT only?

  8. ng says:

    I want add computer name as per my format. can I add command button then click on run the script which is assign on my computer name format.

  9. Jay Connor says:

    Any way to use the memory variables via preflight scripts, or modify the onclicknext actions?

  10. lucy says:

    Great post from your hands again. I loved the complete article.
    By the way nice writing style you have. I never felt like boring while reading this article.

    I will come back & read all your posts soon. Regards, Lucy.

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