MDT 2012 Update 1: DaRT 8 support

In MDT 2012 RTW that released back in April, we included support for DaRT 7, making it easy to add the DaRT components to Lite Touch boot images.  See for more details on that.

With MDT 2012 Update 1 Beta 1, we added support for DaRT 8 Beta, while leaving support for DaRT 7 too.  So if you are using Windows AIK, you would use DaRT 7; when you are using Windows ADK, you would use DaRT 8.  (In general, DaRT releases are OS-specific, so DaRT 8 is for Windows 8 and DaRT 7 is for Windows 7.)

The basic functionality with DaRT 8 is the same as with DaRT 7: we add all the tools to the boot image, and we automatically run the remote agent so that you can make remote connections into Windows PE using the remote viewer (which is integrated into the MDT monitoring solution).  Additional functionality in MDT 2012 Update 1:

  • We can automatically locate the DaRT 8 files when DaRT 8 is installed on Windows 8 and copy the files to the right place.  (DaRT 8 can only be installed on Windows 8.  If you aren’t using Windows 8, then you would still need to get the CAB files manually.  But at least you can get both CAB files at once, as the MSI contains both “” and “”.  Drop those into the tools folder on the deployment share and you’re set.  See the MDT documentation for more details.)
  • We have additional integration with ConfigMgr.  We can add the DaRT 8 (or DaRT 7) files when creating a boot image (although you might need to copy the CAB files into C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates\Distribution\Tools, as mentioned in the previous blog referenced above).  Also, the “Use Toolkit Package” step will automatically start the DaRT remote agent when it finds it in the boot image.

See for more information on DaRT 8.

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  1. Hi Michael, does this contain the W8, I can't seem to find it in the ADK.  I see the MUI for it, but not the real deal.

    FYI, I already worked around this by using the wim from my install DVD, am just looking for the actual file '' for doing it manually.  Thanks.

  2. The error C:UsersADM-EL~1AppDataLocalTempMDTUpdate.800Mountwindowssystem32winpeshl.ini' already exists. I finally figured out this error is caused by the winpeshl.ini file still existing in the temp folder. Open a run tool, and type %temp%, and run it to show contents of the temp folder. I bet you will find the winpeshl.ini file inside it. You need to clean the temp folder out, and with using MDT 2012 you need to clean it out on a regular basis because it uses it a lot. If your not sure what can be deleted then use CCleaner, or disk cleaner to clean it. You can also create a batch file from the following  commands, and run it to clean the temp folder out:

    del /s /q /f %temp%*

    del /s /q /f %windir%temp*

    Everytime I put DaRT 8 files in the tools folder in my deployment share, and then I updated my deployment share I would get the winpeshl.ini exist error. I kept looking in the system32 folder for wineshl.ini, and it wasn't there. Now I know winpeshl.ini was actually in the temp folder, and once I deleted the winpeshl.ini file from the temp folder my deployment share updated fine. I had to regenerate my boot.wim files when I updated my deployment share, but after that DaRT8 worked. I ended up removing DaRT8 because I felt it wasn't safe to have in MDT, and I found no way to secure access to it. DaRT8 has some pretty powerful tools, such as Wipe Disk, Registry Editor, and Locksmith, and the way its accessed in MDT 2012 anyone in our network could boot to it, and use it. I finally created a DaRT 8 file with limited features, and uploaded it to Windows Deployment Service. Now if someone does gain access to DaRT 8 from WDS the Wipe Disk, Registry Editor, Lock Smith, and File Explorer are disabled. I have a full feature DaRT 8 on DVD when I need it. If someone knows a way to secure DaRT 8 in MDT 2012 please let me know.

  3. Apparently you can install the DaRT beta on a clean system and it will work fine. On an existing system though, there is an expiration time for the beta.

  4. No, you can't have both DaRT 7 and DaRT 8.  Well, the files can be present but only one of the versions can be used.  That's because they are specific to the version of Windows PE being used:  DaRT 7 only works with Windows PE 3.0 (WAIK) while DaRT 8 only works with Windows PE 4.0 (ADK).

  5. It is unfortunate, but there is a (non-technical) reason for it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Michael, (or anyone looking here)

    can you have both DaRT8 & DaRT7 in the same deployment share? or will that cause issues?



  7. Anonymous says:

    You do get this when you regenerate your with the DART 7 still in the tools folder with the toolsx86 and toolsx64 in there as well.  If you go to deployment share tools folder it will tick both DART 7 and DART 8 and you get the below error.

    Remove out of the deployment share tools folder leaving the appropriate toolsx then you will have only DART 8 listed and then you should be able to re-generate your boot wim's

    I tried to add DaRT 8 to MDT 2012 Update 1 DS and when update deployment share regenerate boot image, i got this error message:

    The file 'C:UsersADM-EL~1AppDataLocalTempMDTUpdate.800Mountwindowssystem32winpeshl.ini' already exists.

  8. Not a problem, the only non-technical reason I can think of is that you (i.e. MSFT/Ballmer) does not want us to have it.   Good enough.

    So must be somebody messed up on the ADK team and forgot to delete the MUI when they ripped it out of the RTM release.  Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

  9. Sorry, the SRT (Windows RE) component is not available except for the version that is preinstalled in the boot.wim on the Windows installation media.

  10. Any particular reason why ?

  11. Mikael Bäckström says:

    DaRT 8 Beta now signals it has expired when PE boots and the RC does not seem to be available on Connect, VLCS or MSDN.

    Any input would be welcomed.

  12. Simon Pitt says:

    I tried to add DaRT 8 to MDT 2012 Update 1 DS and when update deployment share regenerate boot image, i got this error message:

    The file 'C:UsersADM-EL~1AppDataLocalTempMDTUpdate.800Mountwindowssystem32winpeshl.ini' already exists.

  13. Evans C says:

    Once intergrated into the LT boot wims can you use the DaRT8 tool set on Windows 7 systems?

  14. Mvd says:


    i have a MDT-environment with WINPE4 installed on Server2008R2.

    The standard-installation of Dart8 prevents from installing on Server2008R2.

    When installing Dart7 and starting a VM will reboot in the process (i think because Dart7 isn`t supported with MDT2012?)

    When copying from DART8 and import in MDT-bootimage, NO DART8-screen will appear during Pxe-Boot.

    What can be done to have a combination of DART8/WINPE4 and MDT2012?

    Somebody who is having a working senario like this?


  15. Mvd says:

    Anybody who has a answer on my last question?


  16. DaRT 8.1 says:

    Hi Michael

    With the new version Dart Any chance you can create a blog about that using MDT 2013 and ADK 8.1 (WinPe 5.0)?


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