MDT 2012 New Feature: Item Sorting

For those of you who have already installed MDT 2012 RC1, you might notice that there is a new behavior in Deployment Workbench:  It will keep the list of items (applications, drivers, OS packages, task sequences) in alphabetical order.

Now when you first install MDT 2012 RC1, you might notice that the items aren’t sorted right away – you have to change something in the folder first.  As soon as you do (e.g. add an item, rename an item), the items in that folder will be sorted.

Keeping the list of folders sorted is a much bigger challenge, so at this point they will still show up in the order that they were added. That’s something we will have to look at again in a future version.

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  1. We did at least add a "select multiple" option when adding items to bundles, so hopefully that makes it a little easier.

  2. Sorry, there's no way to disable the sorting.

  3. I was glad we could get to it 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    I've upgraded to MDT 2012 and just noticed the Applications are in alphabetical order for one of my deployment shares. I'm in the process of testing the applications to see if they still install in the correct order or if they will now install in alphabetical order as well. If so, this is a major issue. As a lot of the application we install have a certain order. Do you know if the applications will install in alphabetical order now?

  5. Brent Johnson says:


    I requested this feature in one of the surveys. Thank you for adding it!

  6. Dr Munki says:

    Well that doesn't work. I have my list of drivers by model number, I added a new folder and they are all still in the same order I added them in.

  7. Dave Harris says:

    Is there anyway of switching this back to the order that the apps were added?  Thanks

  8. Dave Harris says:

    Thanks for the quick reply I'll do it with app bundles then, we have a couple of hundred apps ( we are a high school) so I was looking for a shortcut.


  9. tony says:

    Is there any workaround for forcing a selected application to appear last in the list or at least force it to install last? Our problem is if this specific application is selected for installation as an optional application, then it must be installed last from that list. Otherwise problems occur so I am hoping there is some workaround to force an app to install last…

  10. mayur says:

    Try adding application GUID in sequence, in the Rules (or in Customsettings.ini file)as mentioned below.






  11. Rob says:

    This seems like a no brainer to me.  yet, the wizard pages still fail to sort anything.  Specially problematic if using selectable roles tweak which pull from the db.  I know there are a few workarounds out there, including a sorting script you've written but it is not dynamic/realtime.  Why hasn't this been added as a core functionality of MDT?

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