USMT 4.0 Support for Office 2010

A new hotfix for USMT 4.0 was released today to support migrating Office 2010 settings.  (It includes other fixes too.)  You may want to download this and integrate it into your deployment processes.  The full instructions for doing this (including what needs to be done with MDT and ConfigMgr) are included in the KB:

There is one complication that you should be aware of if you are using ConfigMgr and moving from Windows XP or deploying Windows XP.  USMT 4.0 uses a set of manifest files to determine what needs to be migrated from Windows XP.  These manifest files are stored in the “DLManifests” folder, which is part of your USMT package in ConfigMgr.  There is an issue though where Scanstate.exe can’t find this DLManifests folder when run from ConfigMgr.  In MDT 2010 Update 1, we included a workaround for this with some logic in ZTIUserState.wsf, copying the folder where Scanstate can find it:

' Workaround for USMT bug in Windows 7 AIK
If oEnvironment.Item("DeploymentMethod") = "SCCM" and oEnvironment.Item("OSVersion") = "XP" and oFSO.GetFileVersion(sFoundScanState) = "6.1.7600.16385" then
    oUtility.RunWithHeartbeat "cmd.exe /c xcopy /iesryhd """ & sUSMTPath &"\DlManifests"" """ & oEnv("SystemRoot") & "\system32\DlManifests" &""" 1>> " & oLogging.LogPath &"\zticopyUSMT.txt 2>>&1 "
End if

Notice that this checks specifically for build 6.1.7600.16385 of Scanstate.exe, the version released in the Windows 7 version of Windows AIK, as we expected this problem to be fixed in the next version of USMT.  Well, it wasn’t.  But once you install the KB 2023591 hotfix, the version changes to 6.1.7601.21645 and our fix stops working.

You can work around this by fixing the fix in ZTIUserState.wsf to read like this:

If oEnvironment.Item("DeploymentMethod") = "SCCM" and oEnvironment.Item("OSVersion") = "XP" and (oFSO.GetFileVersion(sFoundScanState) = "6.1.7600.16385" or oFSO.GetFileVersion(sFoundScanState) = "6.1.7601.21645")  then

If you aren’t using ConfigMgr or don’t have Windows XP around any more, you won’t need to worry about this.

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  1. Good point, I didn't mention which file contained that logic – it's ZTIUserState.wsf.  I've updated the article above.


  2. Correct, the fix is only for ConfigMgr-integrated scenarios.

    There is a separate fix in ZTIUserState.wsf that is unaffected by the USMT hotfix.  (This fix just sets the working directory to the folder containing the USMT binaries.)


  3. Oops, you're right – that's what I get for not testing the change 🙂  I've fixed the article above.



  4. Lasse Balsvad says:

    Remember to put in parentheses when using the OR operator. Else the expression will evaluate to true if the fileversion of scanstate i = "6.1.7601.21645". But if the version of scanstate can only be "6.1.7601.21645" on XP. Then it's OK. Else the correct expression should be as follows:

    If (oEnvironment.Item("DeploymentMethod") = "SCCM" and oEnvironment.Item("OSVersion") = "XP") and (oFSO.GetFileVersion(sFoundScanState) = "6.1.7600.16385" or oFSO.GetFileVersion(sFoundScanState) = "6.1.7601.21645") then

  5. ML49448 says:

    I don't suppose one of the fixes includes trying to exclude both local profiles and profiles older than a given age when migrating from WinXP?

  6. mike says:

    Thanks for this information. Just one question, which XML file should I edit?

  7. JoeZeppy says:

    So I'm unclear here. If I'm just using MDT lite touch deployment, I don't need to modify the ZTIUserState file?

  8. markus says:

    It's me again. I found the reason of the problem. The DlManifests folder must be located in the USMT folder – NOT in any subfolder.

  9. wesley E Batton says:

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