MDT 2010 Update 1: Task Sequences Changed

MDT 2010 also includes a variety of task sequence templates.  When you upgrade from MDT 2010 to MDT 2010 Update 1, your existing task sequences won’t be changed.  So, you have to decide if any of the changes that we’ve made are of value to you, and if they are, you’ll need to create new task sequences so that you pick up those changes.

So let’s review the task sequence templates that have changed:

  • Lite Touch
    • CaptureOnly.xml
    • Client.xml
    • Server.xml
    • StateRestore.xml
  • Configuration Manager (Zero Touch) 
    • SCCM_Client.xml
    • SCCM_Client_Post-OEM.xml
    • SCCM_ClientReplace.xml
    • SCCM_Server.xml

And there’s one new template:

  • Configuration Manager
    • SCCM_UDI.xml

For the changed templates, I’ll get into the specifics of the changes in later posts.  But to give you some guidance, here are my opinions:

  • The changes to the Lite Touch task sequences are relatively minor, so you shouldn’t need to recreate them unless you are running into specific issues.
  • The changes to the Zero Touch task sequences are a little more involved, especially in regards to handling task sequence failures, so I would suggest creating new task sequences when you get an opportunity to do so.
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