New Solution Accelerator Beta Available

The beta version of the Configuration Manager Dashboard is now available on the Connect website.  You can gain access with this link: SCD-BGMB-FK9M&SiteID=14

So what is the Configuration Manager Dashboard?  Here’s the quick overview:


And a picture showing an example of what it can do (you can customize it to add your own charts too):


Want to present your ConfigMgr statistics and metrics using something prettier than just simple results?  Download it and try it out.

Comments (2)
  1. I definitely understand the concern – but too many people like eye candy and pretty pictures, even when it sacrifices the value of the underlying data.

    If you have feedback like that, please submit it through the Connect website so they consider what can be done to improve the solution before it releases.  The team that built it is waiting to hear from everyone.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Of course we fail to mention the obvious about this dashboard….

    It fails miserably at communicating data in a way that can be easily understood.  For instance,

    1.  Pie charts used when a simple bar graph would be clearer and easier to decipher.  

    2.  3-D bar charts used when the third dimension adds to value to the analysis.  

    3.  The eye-candy speedometer that uses approximately 98% more screen real-estate than is needed to convey the information presented.

    Please save us from needlessly bad dashboards!

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