MDT 2010 Wizard Example: Role Selection

We have seen lots of requests over the past couple of years for a wizard pane that allows you to select from a list of roles that should be applied to a machine, where those roles are defined in the MDT database.  There are a few examples of this available on the web, implemented in…


Using the MDT database from a web service without writing code

One of the new features in the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is ADO.NET Data Services.  This enables you to expose the contents of a data source, e.g. a SQL Server database, through something that looks roughly like an RSS feed, accessed in a similar manner to a web service.  That’s nice but why do you…


New version of the MDT Wizard Editor is available

For those of you who customize the MDT wizards, you may want to check out the new version of the MDT Wizard Editor at  The latest version 2.0, uploaded today, includes a few fixes (e.g. properly encoding XML file entries in CDATA sections), adds support for MDT 2010, and includes a few new features….


MDT 2010 New Feature #21: Copying extra folders

When MDT 2010 replicates content to a linked deployment share, you can choose whether to copy “standard folders” as part of that replication process.  These folders (Scripts, Tools, $OEM$, USMT) might be required by one or more of the task sequences being replicated, so we give you that option.  In the case of media, we…