More Windows Live Toolbar features

I missed some other features that you’ll see after logging in with a Live ID (the far right of the toolbar).  Two more items show up:

  • The first icon sets up synchronization of favorites from Windows Live to multiple computers.  The setup process is extremely simple, just click Sync to set it up:


    Repeat the process on each additional computer and you’re all set.  You can get to the shared favorites through your Windows Live profile.  They’re actually set up in a SkyDrive folder:


    I didn’t even know that my profile had a SkyDrive associated with it.  I guess I should start putting other stuff there, as I have 25GB of space to use – free of charge.

  • The second button lets you add additional buttons to the toolbar, or if you choose “Toolbar options” at the bottom of the menu that shows up when you click the button you can also remove items (including all the default ones).  The online gallery has over 2500 buttons that can be added, including things like Wikipedia, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  (The same gallery web site,, has Sidebar gadgets, Live Writer add-ins, Windows Live Messenger emoticons, etc.)

That’s the challenge with this “online age”.  These new capabilities get added faster than I can keep up with…

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