BDD 2007 Patch 1 knowledge base article and patch now available

Check out for the list of fixes included in BDD 2007 Patch 1, as well as for the links to the MSI patch files (MSP's) that can be downloaded.  When installing the patch, be sure to use a command line such as:

msiexec /update BDD2007_x86_Patch1.msp REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=as /quiet

If you're curious as to what files have been changed in this patch, here's a list.

  • LiteTouch.wsf
  • LTIApply.wsf
  • ZTIBackup.wsf
  • ZTIGather.wsf
  • ZTIGather.xml
  • ZTIGroups.wsf
  • ZTIUserState.wsf
  • ZTIUtility.vbs
  • ZTIValidate.wsf
  • ZeroTouchInstallation.wsf
  • ZTIDrivers.wsf
  • ZTIPatches.wsf
  • ZTIBde.wsf
  • NewPackageWiz_Definition_ENU.xml
  • Wimscript.ini
  • Microsoft.BDD.Workbench.dll
  • Microsoft.BDD.ConfigManager.dll
  • Microsoft.BDD.WDSEnum.exe (link options only)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Posted yesterday Thanks to Todd miller for brining to to my attention

  2. Anonymous says:

    Une mise à jour de Business Desktop Deployment 2007 vient d’être rendue disponible à travers la fiche

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well the first patch for BDD 2007 has been released, download it here . This fixes a number of those

  4. Anonymous says:

    Check out what has been fixed and download the update here. Mostly bug fixes but it looks like they snuck in a new feature: "You cannot specify a configuration file to use with BDD 2007. The update rollup enables a new parameter in BDD 2007 that lets

  5. Anonymous says:

    In case you do not want to install BDD 2007 v 1.1 and just want the hotfix instead make sure you install

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