In the NYC area on Friday, March 25th?

I’ll be at the Microsoft office in Times Square presenting on Windows 10 and Windows as a service at the IT Pro Con NY event,  Registration is still open, with content on Windows, PowerShell, Azure, SharePoint, and Exchange presented throughout the day.  Sign up here:


Documentation updates for Windows 10 1511

The team responsible for creating Windows documentation was very busy, creating new documentation and updating existing documentation for the functionality in the Windows 10 1511 feature update.  If you haven’t yet found these documentation updates, here’s a handy list that they compiled for all the new stuff: Security content Windows Defender in Windows 10 (4…


Building a provisioning package to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

With Windows 10 Mobile, we’ve released a new SKU called Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise that has a few extra features.  This SKU is available as a benefit to customers with Software Assurance for Windows.  But how do you take a phone or other mobile device running Windows 10 Mobile and get it to run Windows…


There is never enough automation

When I first started in IT, I worked with a team of people to do very repetitive tasks as a DBA.  Fortunately, a few of those people had the right idea:  With enough automation, we can eliminate the need for our jobs.  Now that might sound like a career mistake, but what you quickly realize…


Build Windows 7 images faster by patching them faster

I’m sure you’ve noticed that when building a new Windows 7 SP1 image that there are a lot of updates that need to be installed.  And these installations can take a while, whether pulling those updates from Windows Update directly or from WSUS.  But the performance can be improved. First, see Justin Chalfant’s blog post…


What’s Changed in MDT 2013 Update 2

Looking at a comparison of the files in MDT 2013 Update 2, here’s a quick overview of the changes in the scripts when compared with those in MDT 2013 Update 1: DeployWiz_Initialization.vbs.  Change the task sequence filtering logic to only display upgrade task sequences from a running OS (not bare metal). DeployWiz_UserData.vbs.  Fixed a bug…


Using the Windows Store for Business with MDT 2013

The Windows Store for Business was made available to everyone back in November, corresponding to the Windows 10 version 1511 feature upgrade that was released at the same time.  For those that aren't familiar with the Windows Store for Business capabilities, it provides organizations the ability to acquire apps for use throughout their organizations, and…


Updated Remove Apps Script, and a Workaround

I’ve updated the script attached to to address a couple of issues: Fixed a bug that prevented the script from working properly offline when no RemoveApp.xml file was present (requiring the script to dynamically generate the list offline).  Thanks to Osama Altawil for reporting that issue a few weeks ago. Modified the logic that…


Seeing extra apps? Turn them off.

A few weeks ago, I published a script to help remove the in-box apps from a Windows 10 image.  Some people have reported after running this script they are still seeing apps on the machine, things like Candy Crush, Twitter, and similar apps (which can vary based on your location).  So why is this happening? …


Removing Windows 10 in-box apps during a task sequence

A couple of years ago, Ben Hunter posted a script on the Deployment Guys blog that showed how to remove the in-box modern apps from a Windows 8.1 installation.  That exact same approach works with Windows 10 as well.  But there’s more that can be done, especially since the list of apps is different for…