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This is the official blog for the Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC).

The MMPC is the world-class antimalware research and response organization within Microsoft that protects your computer from malicious software attacks.

We use this blog to share our insights and analysis into the latest malware threats, along with updates to Microsoft security products such as Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials, and the monthly Malicious Software Removal Tool that is released on the second Tuesday of every month.


Blog comment moderation

You can submit comments to our blogs. We encourage comments on our blog as we love to see discussion between all our readers (and the authors of our blogs!). Commenting is automatically disabled for blogs that are more than two weeks old. If you have a question about the information in a blog, or about a Microsoft security product, you can create a post at Microsoft Community.

Note, however, that each comment goes through moderation, and we reserve the right to approve, deny, or delete comments as we see fit, for any reason. There may be a delay before your comment appears live, but generally we do approve all comments on our blogs that contribute to the discussion.

We absolutely will not publish comments that:

  • Are offensive in any way
  • Are derogatory, combative, or that attack other commenters
  • Contain advertisements for products
  • Contain links to malware

We also will not publish multiple comments that are not sufficiently different (for example, spam). If you post a comment and then want to add more content to it, we might allow the second post, or we’ll only publish the later one that has more information in it.


Microsoft antimalware products and services help protect more than 1 billion computers worldwide on a monthly basis.

By receiving telemetry from millions of computers, and operating a global network of research and response labs, the MMPC can identify and mitigate new threats within hours of their discovery.

By using advanced research and heuristics, and by continuously monitoring for malicious behaviors, the MMPC also provides proactive detection for new threats – before we even receive our first sample.

Labs in Redmond (Washington, United States), Munich (Germany), and Melbourne (Australia)—with the help of additional researchers in other locations around the world—ensure that a response team is always online.


Our mission is to help protect customers and systems, quickly respond to malware outbreaks, advise customers, and engage in valuable partnerships. We’re committed to helping Microsoft customers keep their computers secure.


You can read more about us and our research on our website at http://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/.


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