Adware changes – One week to go

​A quick note to all of developers out there. You have until 1 July to let us know if you think your software shouldn’t be detected under our new adware criteria.

A few months ago I announced some major changes to how we at the Microsoft Malware Protection Center assess adware in my blog Adware: A new approach.

As a reminder, the updated criteria defines adware as:

Programs that promote a product or service outside of their own program can interfere with your computing experience. You should have clear choice and control when installing programs that open advertisements.

The advertisements that are opened by these programs must:

  • Include an obvious way to close the ad.
  • Include the name of the program that created the ad.


The program that creates these advertisements must:

  • Provide a standard uninstall method for the program using the same name as shown in the ads it produces.

On 1 July, 2014 we will change the way our products behave when they detect adware. The programs that we still detect, and their supporting files, will be removed by default.

This means that you have about a week to let us know if you think your program shouldn’t be detected.

You can let us know through our developer contact form.

Michael Johnson

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  1. Francia Manns says:

    Please hurry. Unwanted adware is ruining my internet experience.

  2. Adwbust says:

    How about pup in general? How about adware that hijacks the browser (home page, etc) and uses protection software to prevent itself from being removed? How about spy software – commercial and free/commercial bundled with malware? How about affiliate software
    (cleaners, optimizers, converters, players, etc) dropped by sponsored downloaders? How about sponsored/smart downloaders? There's a lot to ponder about with regards to the grey area of things/threats. Malware writers are now using/bundling pup with/without
    malware because pup are often ignored by the antimalware industry. Hence, the baddies earn more from ads served and affiliate (software) referrals and installations. Before, writers disguise malware as legit software. Now they disguise/serve sponsored downloaders/pup
    as legit software (update).

  3. adwbust says:

    it's july 1 and your forums still get flooded with complaints about adware, browser hijackers/modifiers and affiliate PUPs. don't you get reports from mse/windows defender MAPS sensors? maybe your sensors are faulty or deliberately ignore such threats
    as they're not prioritized and belong to the gray area. are they still not worth your time and attention, seeing most of your users encounter them? surely, there's something wrong if your users are complaining! you need to do something about it. Eset and malwarebytes
    do a great job at detecting and removing these pests. why can't you?

  4. kima says:

    sounds wonderful, i have tried everything. I just ran windows defender, and still my system has been overtaken with ads from "supra Savings" clicking on the info within the ad, you are told you can remove it by going to the control panel and clicking on
    uninstall……which would be wonderful if it was listed there.
    i am sick to death of Search Conduit and Bing overtaking my homepage.
    no matter that i keep taking it out, and tying to block it.
    Between the ads and the search engines taking over and changing themselves to my homepage, i am about to buy a mac.
    Norton doesn't help, or pc cleaner, or windows defender, changing the defaults on my system doesn't help either
    FED UP

  5. Ernest says:

    My pc is ruined. any body out there with solution to blocking Ads and hijacked browsers?

  6. miffed says:

    With IE 11.0.9600.17207-Upd11.0.10, its security at Medium-high & Protected Mode Enabled & the three boxes check-marked under location (& High Blocking Level), I went to:
    when, on the right hand side, this blinking box appeared [!ALERT You Are Missing The Plugin To Play Video Update Now! OK-button] which changed to [ – GET MONEY NOW] and then to [Your download manager might be outdated] ***.
    Listen, Microsoft, you are totally failing your actual customers – the end-users. Your IE is allowing interyield-jmp9-com, SupraSavings, lpmxp2016, updatenowpro, updatesoftnow, s.m2pub, asrv-a.akamaihd,, uptodatecontent, and other internet terrorists,
    to dump rotting carcasses and manure – also known as spectacularly annoying unsolicited advertising – onto my IE pages. You should join Norton, Google, Kaspersky, F-Secure(Finland) to aim a shoulder-held bazooka at these internet terrorists and get rid of
    them, for good! Load your grenade with razor blades, rusted nails, shredded aluminum chards, gallon of hydrochloric acid – that is, whatever the equivalent in top internet security measures! Stop fooling around and "asking question" of these buffoons; just
    do it – for your gazillion actual customers!
    Ps: My NIS also has failed to remove this advertising sewage.

  7. adwbust says:

    MMPC is deaf. Nothing will change unless heads of the lab are changed. They dont care. They dont listen. They do what they like. They only care about the telemetry they get from MSE and Defender. They think clamors on their own blogs and forums are wothless
    and inconclusive. Havent they thought maybe theyre not getting the complete picture because (some) people disable MAPS and they dont even recommend user to join Advanced during setup? They believe machine generated data over real people expressing their frustration
    and discontent. MMPC is obnoxious. Theyre not passionate and keen enough. They should listen to their users!

  8. adwbust says:

    Those wanting to block ads in IE 9-11, use the Easylist standard and Easyprivacy TPLs. Get them below.

  9. miffed says:

    The creators of SupraSavings, and the other manure-piles, should be taken to court: for the rape of millions of computers. Their common denominator: absolutely breathtaking arrogance. And Microsoft, by intentionally failing to stop them, is displaying
    the same arrogance!
    I guess it's time to look into Apple's Mac OS X Mavericks – and hope for the best.

  10. Suren says:

    I hate pRicceechopper and everything related to it, every attempt to clean has gone waste . !st July ? Today is 17th and they have done nothing about it . I assume no one cares

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