The MSRT in Action: Keeping systems safe

In four days the January release of the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) detected almost a million threats on PCs across the globe.

In the video below, Dustin Childs and Joe Faulhaber explain what happened as the MSRT sprang into action.

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  1. stop win xp says:

    MSFT should not invest more money on keeping Windows XP (Not embedded versions) supported on Microsoft Security Essentials and other anti-malware products like Malicious software removal tool because it is giving XP users a big picture that we can now use Unsupported Windows Operating Systems…. Microsoft must stop giving XP Users Anti-malware security updates after April 8th 2014 because unsupported windows operating systems cannot be protected with anti-virus. Please make sure that Microsoft Security Essentials and MSRT technologies for Windows XP stops working after April 8th so you can save your company money. You cannot encourage the momentum of Windows XP and unsupported Windows Operating Systems because that is bad for your business.

    Option A: You can discontinue support for other MSFT Anti-Malware clients like Microsoft Security Essentials and Malicious software removal tool by April 2014.

    Option B: You can extend Windows XP support until July 2015 – This is going to cost your company too much money. You better control your spending as soon as possible. Stop keeping Windows XP alive because it is not going to transform other consumers who want lightning HTML 5 computing standards on powerful desktops and mobile computers.

    Encourage people to have HTML 5 modern internet experience right now. Our P.C's are capable of handling websites that use more HTML 5 and modern web resources. When you have a smartphone or a computer tablet, you can modernize your way of using internet. On a bigger screen, you need fastest, and strongest computers to have modern web on a big screen. More sites can encourage that by moving from XP to 7 right now.

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