Microsoft antimalware support for Windows XP

Microsoft has announced the Windows XP end of support date of April 8, 2014. After this date, Windows XP will no longer be a supported operating system*. To help organizations complete their migrations, Microsoft will continue to provide updates to our antimalware signatures and engine for Windows XP users through July 14, 2015.

This does not affect the end-of-support date of Windows XP, or the supportability of Windows XP for other Microsoft products, which deliver and apply those signatures.

For enterprise customers, this applies to System Center Endpoint Protection, Forefront Client Security, Forefront Endpoint Protection and Windows Intune running on Windows XP. For consumers, this applies to Microsoft Security Essentials.

Our research shows that the effectiveness of antimalware solutions on out-of-support operating systems is limited. Running a well-protected solution starts with using modern software and hardware designed to help protect against today’s threat landscape.

Microsoft recommends best practices to protect your PC such as:

  • Using modern software that has advanced security technologies and is supported with regular security updates
  • Regularly applying security updates for all software installed
  • Running up-to-date anti-virus software.

Our goal is to provide great antimalware solutions for our consumer and business customers. We will continue to work with our customers and partners in doing so, and help our customers complete their migrations as Windows XP end of life approaches.


* We've received some inquiries about what "no longer supported operating system" means. To clarify, this mean that, after April 8, 2014, Windows XP users will no longer receive new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates from Microsoft.

February 5, 2014: We’ve received several inquiries about the difference between security updates and antimalware signatures, as well as the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) for Windows XP. You can find answers to these questions and more on our Windows XP end of support page.

 May 15, 2017: In light of the WannaCrypt  ransomware attacks, Microsoft has released security updates for Windows XP. Get more information here: WannaCrypt ransomware worm targets out-of-date systems

Comments (147)

  1. The date extension of anti malware signature discontinuation, will make xp addicted users to stick another extra year….

  2. Great news for those who are addicted to widnows xp.. Almost 13 years…..

    1. Lena says:

      Where can I find information on the extension for XP support?

  3. Kymbola says:

    What do you expect us to do with our two desktops of X keys and my laptop that's a Windows 7 that you're no longer accepting and I used to be on your information that just suddenly disappeared where you would send me information I was when your testers did that stop on my Windows 7 because of the upgrades I was told my Windows 7 was not allowed to go above Internet explorer eight and suddenly explore 11 was on my laptop which I had to remove because I don't know if that's supposed to be there and your help thing was gone so I couldn't ask it so I don't know what to do anymore and I don't need my computer crashing because I'm disabled so please help in some way I don't want to have to go by eight Apple computer for I been with windows for very long time and everybody in my household

  4. R. says:

    I have two questions:

    1. Earlier reports stated that XP users would no longer be able to download MSE after April 8th. Is that deadline also extended?

    2. Will Windows XP users still receive program updates or just definitions?

    Thanks in advance,

  5. youbelike says:

    You are extending XP Support for M.S.E. security companies like Norton will cut off Support for Windows XP…… Please be advised that you decided to offer security updates through antivirus software…… Microsoft be advised that if you want to support Windows XP on your security products… You are not setting example for no security updates for XP after April 2014….. You can either cut off Support for Windows XP for MSE on April 2014 or extend XP support till July 2015….. Tell me which option works….. MSE Support shall end on April 2014 if XP Support ends…….

  6. Cowards says:

    Drop support for it already.

  7. alien3d says:

    how about activation server.. off it mah ?

  8. BertDil says:

    My PHB Boss will be even more confused now! Yesterday I finally managed to convince him it would be foolish to rely on MS backtracking again on XP support!
    PHB: So now is XP is getting security updates for another year?
    DIL: No – you are getting updated shovels to empty out the holes…..
    PHB: So the holes don't need patched anymore?
    DIL: Yes they will.
    PHB: Well if they back track on Security Essentials, won't they back track again on security updates?

    So much for the quote I got today for 3 new boxes….

    (!/s – no I am not being sarcastic – I really do have a real life PHB)

  9. Pirmin Roland says:

    It is really nice to see that Microsoft does everything to cut of customers of their best OS till today.
    My be Windows 7 is acceptable, so the rest is inacceptable bad. And may be Microsoft has already learned, that every firm does need customers. I mean satisfied customers…

  10. Darren says:

    It appears that the BBC are reporting inaccurately on this Blog. This is their headline 'Microsoft extends security fixes for Windows XP to 2015' what does this express to you? Expect a LOT of confusion!

  11. neusa de oliveira says:

    a Microsoft, em seu sistema de varredura, verificou 42 infecções de malware. O produto só pode ser adquirido no exterior; não tenho cartão de crédito e a remessa sai mais cara do que o produto. Pergunto: existe um meio de aquisição do antivírus em lojas no Brasil???? Grata/Neusa

  12. Support Bod says:

    Just let it die already.

  13. WTF says:

    If MS could build a decent operating system we wouldn't need to stay on XP. We have W8, W7 and XP running in our organisation, and XP is consistently the one that gives the least problems and user complaints. Migrating our entire organisation to W8 would be as problematic migrating it to Linux, but the cost would be incredible. We already have an IT support infrastructure, so guess which way we're going. Bye bye MS, we're tired of this.

  14. natalie says:

    Microsoft: you are FOOLS for releasing this information. Do you even realise just how badly it is being misinterpreted?! A vast amount of people who don't read things through properly now think the SUPPORT is extended when it isn't! You should have kept quietly updating the anti-malware signatures and added that extra layer of security without mentioning it. There is now so much chaos and confusion!!!! Well done Microsoft! People will be holding onto XP for that while longer whilst being unknowingly open to loads of threats.

  15. George H says:

    Are all XP updates other than for MSE going to be taken off-line? If so you will have a lot of VERY VERY angry customers who will have need to rebuild XP machines (running old but critical apps that WON'T run on 7/8) after April 2014 and need to apply all updates since SP3. As it is Microsfot seem to have made this a right PITA by crippling automatic updates for XP. How about releasing a single downloadable EXE roll-up of all updates post SP3 and having it freely available to download for a long time? Is that REALLY going to bankrupt Microsoft?

  16. anonymous says:

    This announcement is as clear as mud. "provide updates to our antimalware signatures and engine for Windows XP" can be read to mean that OS security holes will be fixed and MSE signatures will be continued through 07/14/2015. The story on this is titled "Microsoft extends security fixes for Windows XP to 2015" so this is what the BBC thinks. But it can also be read to mean Security Essentials engine+signature updates (antivirus software for XP) will be supported through 07/14/2015 but not XP itself. "does not affect the end-of-support date of Windows XP" supports the second reading. Which is it? Did the BBC get it wrong?

    Am a XP Home user way-way-ready to buy a new PC but Win8 tile interface is so scary that I've been procrastinating for months. I have dialup connection so 3.5 GB Win8.1 download is impossible unless I can find free broadband (perhaps library). I am willing to buy Win8.1 on DVD but this is not offered. The whole situation is crazy. I think many if not most users have their own set of weird problems to deal with in considering moving on from XP. MS is not making this easy.

  17. thecompulsiveliar says:

    Microsoft is a consummate professional organization as demonstrated by this ambiguous facade that somehow support will be extended. It is truly appreciated to see Microsoft willing to suffer opportunity cost in order to stand by a product many devoted customers have dedicated their IT infrastructures around. Thank you for always being there for us Microsoft.


    The Compulsive Liar

  18. Jordan says:

    Will this apply to Windows Updates as well? I am sort of confused…. or is it JUST the antimalware suite?

  19. Dicky says:

    This is a bias announcement.
    so, will XP get update from windows update?
    XP will not get update, but security essential do?

  20. TonyG says:

    I now have some clarity from reading this post in full, including the italics.

    I think that Microsoft are doing the right thing by telling people that there are & will be holes in XP post April 2014, but saying that they will provide their customers with an AV solution to give some protection.

    I think that there is too much of the world running XP still for it to be dropped off a cliff by Microsoft. They will shoot themselves in the foot if they do.

    Microsoft seems to be listening to its customers, which sounds good to me.

    The bigger is issue is where do customers move to from XP, especially in cash-strapped organisations and consumers?
    – Windows 7 is officially end of sale as of October 2013, so consumers are either Windows 8.1 or 8.1 or Linux or Android?

    There are still some Windows 7 discs available in shops for now, so maybe they should be being bought by consumers.

    Perhaps Microsoft should extend the end of sale date on Windows 7 discs in shops so that consumers can upgrade their existing machines?

  21. Seymore Butts says:


  22. AF says:

    "Will this apply to Windows Updates as well? I am sort of confused…. or is it JUST the antimalware suite?"

    Reads article…

    "For consumers, this applies to Microsoft Security Essentials."

    Just wow, it's right there. And the other comments on this article about extending XP's life like it's the next best thing to sliced bread. /facepalm

    XP is an unstable mess. 80% of the computers coming through our office are Windows XP.

  23. XP User says:

    Still got 3 XP machines at home for use by the family. Am I forking out to upgrade? No chance.

    Also support hundreds of XP machines at work. We need XP because of legacy applications that are business critical. A refresh project would cost serious money.

    Whilst dropping tech support for XP may be one thing (you've gotta have a cut-off at some point), stopping the security patches ain't good. You should at least give those another couple of years as there's so many XP machines out there. Otherwise, people and businesses are basically being forced to purchase new hardware and a new OS.

  24. ML49448 says:

    I'm a little unclear about the footnote, which says "Windows XP users will no longer receive new security updates, non-security hotfixes, [etc] from Microsoft."

    So if XP users will not get "non-security hotfixes", does that mean XP users WILL get "security-related hotfixes"? And if so, doesn't that contradict the part that says XP users will not receive new "security updates"?

    Please clarify whether XP users will continue to receive "security-related hotfixes" (and if so, how are these different from a "new security update").


  25. IluvWin8 says:

    @Natalie This website is for IT professionals who WILL understand what is being stated here. If any consumers come around and decide to read this and misunderstand it, that's their fault.

  26. Ishaan says:

    It would be great if Mircosoft releases a final Windows XP x86 sp4 that has every update till April 8, 2014.. This would help consumers who still want to stick to Windows XP for some reason to have a fresh setup without anymore need to update…

    For those who don't use their pc for business use and some who don't bother or are unaware, even about the deadline, sp4 would be helpful…

    Kindly consider the same… Thank You.

  27. Joaquim Gil says:

    @ Neusa de Oliveira: I think it's quite stupid and pointless raising questions here, in a foreign language. This is a English speaking forum and not a Portuguese one. I'm Portuguese and I post in English. Imagine people from all world posting in their native languages… The forum would become useless and uncomprehensive! Well, I'm Portuguese and not Brazilian, and that makes a whole lot of a difference… 🙂

    Joaquim Gil

  28. Old Gateway XP Laptop User.... says:

    To clarify that after April 8, 2014 Windows XP users will no longer receive updates from Microsoft… Does this mean I need to buy a new laptop or buy a new operating system? How would you be able to save what you have and use a different operating system on the same laptop? How much does a new operating system cost to install?

  29. someone from microsoft reading those comments?? (: says:

    i hope so..
    " Updating Antimalware sugantures and engine" ??? ??? ???
    What is that supposed to mean??
    Dear Microsoft.. Answer us! (:

  30. Bob Hyatt says:

    This means nothing except that the virus scanner will work for another year. NO XP SECURITY UPDATES AFTER APRIL 2014!!!

  31. Home user says:

    we cant update any home users who still uses windows xp need more time really i tried evrything but it can if the users have an old computer

  32. Darr247 says:

    Will the monthly Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) continue to work for XP, too?

  33. Steve says:

    For clarification, for business users with multi license XP packages, will we still be able to get activation service for any PC will load XP onto after 8 April? If yes, for how long?

  34. GreenMan says:

    Enterprises are just now finishing up their XP to Win7 migrations, in many cases saving the difficult cases to last. I haven't worked on a single enterprise that is seriously deploying Win8 on any significant scale. 30% remaining XP market penetration seems very low to me based upon my widespread experience with both enterprises and consumers. Heck, POS systems with embedded XP are widely deployed, and consumers worldwide still use XP a lot. End of Life issues are a most unwelcomed pain in the rear at a time when the Global Economic Recovery is still "precarious". God knows we don't need all this manufactured aggrevation.

  35. Alvin says:

    After April 8, 2014. XP users will no can avail technical support over the phone even the customer is willing to avail our support service? Also what about XP customers had issues with activation?

  36. MatthewB says:

    I am glad to see the end of XP.
    My personnel laptop runs Vista which I find isn't to bad.
    I was going to upgrade to Windows7 but hey presto Microsoft brought out Windows8.
    I can't say I am over enthusiastic to move to Windows8 so I will hold off upgrading as long as possible.

  37. Fionna Kelly says:

    well with this new news more and more people who use home Microsoft computers and organisations that use Microsoft XP will now start using Apple Macs. Very disturbed about this. Apple will rule and Microsoft will loose!!

  38. johng says:

    Thanks for keeping XP alive. For me it's still the best operating system.

  39. Jova93 says:

    Become a MAC user like I have and use XP as a Virtual Machine (VM) using VMWare Fusion. I save my XP VM externally and add securities to it. That way if I ever get a bug in my XP VM, I can always just drag it to the tash, secure empty it, and drag my VM file back into the VM Library of my VMWare Fusion. I only use it for compatibility reasons forWindows-only software that I USE.

    I became a MAC user 4 years ago after Windows Vista came out and 4 years sure gave me lots of time to master all OSX Operating Syatems, from 10.6.8, Snow Leopard and out.

    Just be sure your MAC has an Intel Processor so you can run VMs.

    Use Linux Live CDs to get out of jams.

  40. stardentalcares says:

    Your blog is very nice

  41. Carole says:

    I'm too old to switch. I deliberately bought my pc on the last day that XP was available. It has served me well and faithfully. Shame on you MS.

  42. Thgang says:

    Big mistake as far as individual users, without IT departments, or self knowledge. What do we do to protect our systems? My choice will be to look elsewhere than MSFT. I think many other individual users will do likewise.

  43. PhatBoyz says:

    Seems like no one can figure this out… HELLO people, MSFT is offering MSE support for another year because that's how long it's going to take them to release Windows 9, period, end of story!

  44. Razor says:

    A big problem with how alot of people are interpreting this, is that they are assuming the end user is using a product like MSE or Forefront. Alot aren't. Hell, plenty of users are using expired AV as it is.

  45. Louiebird says:

    Just bought new dell, wish i had gone to APPLE.

  46. alex says:

    Come on guys.. XP is already more than 10 years old, do you guys really expected to use it forever? I mean.. What happened to Windows 95?, 98 , 98 SE? Me? Or even windows 2000? It was a time that all of us decided to move forward with the newest operating
    system out there, now is the moment to move to 7 and even windows 8.

  47. nissim says:

    no one wants to upgrade to windows 8, microsoft will have to come with something to keep her customers.

  48. Lynx Eye says:

    Just another MS ploy to make people spend more scarce money by forcing them to upgrade their hardware/computer and buy that disaster called Windows 8 point whatever. Honestly, hasn't anybody ever heard of, if it isn't broke, don't fix it?

  49. Rich F says:

    Will April 8 be a regular patch Tuesday with updates, or will the last actual updates be on March 11? Thanks.

  50. thirdstone says:

    Microsoft's insistence on killing off their only good product might make business sense on one hand. Had they done a reasonably good job on even one of their newer operating systems, there'd be little outcry. Vista was of course a travesty at best though
    actually more of a perverse joke. Windows 7 is the only reasonable option as 8 is just annoying and silly. Still though, there are many of us who will resent having to "upgrade" to an inferior product (and suffer some problem and incompatibilities) when what
    we have still works just fine. Perhaps an independent company needs to be spun off to support xp. It seems that most of us will have to accept a newer, inferior system, but would clearly prefer not to, were it possible to do so.

  51. Leslie H says:

    Alternately they can wave goodbye to the legion of dissatisfied customers who are being forced to migrate from XP and will choose..rather than Win 7 or Win 8…Apple or open source just to be shut of this BS. Made the mistake of buying a laptop with Win
    8 on it and it may just push me over to the dark side. Hello Apple!

  52. Paul P. Valtos says:

    What good is increased security if neither 8.0 or 8.1 work correctly. As far as I know they are both junk and poorly designed and not user friendly. Either go back to Microsoft 7 or clean up 8. Just got a new HP last year and it has been nothing but screwed
    up with both 8 and 8.1.

  53. me_not_Techie says:

    so msft would build a structure to reach the clouds. was that not tried before–I think it was a tower that was called BABEL.

  54. Harry Hughen says:

    You have a system which actually works in XP. Why would you want to take it away to be replaced with considerably more problematic systems? Not everyone enjoys constant updating and we don't all need the so called "improved" It is far more valuable to
    have a system even I can understand. Morale and productivity will suffer. I speak for myself as well as a great many people I talk with and do business with. I tried Windows 7,it keeps eating my pages never to be seen again. My files are sometimes changed
    and/or scattered, pages move around mysteriously. Windows 8– I don't get at all. If you want to provide the geniuses their challenges or entertainment trying to figure it out, so be it, good for them. There are a lot of people trying to do business who do
    not need the added hassle of learning a new system considerably more complicated when we had a perfectly good system which more than meets the needs of a great many people AND ACTUALLY WORKS. Please reconsider

  55. Why did you have to go and change XP? Could you not have updated it to be a better XP with all the bells and whistles. W8 is the most frustrating and confusing OS I have ever encountered. I hate it. I guess as soon as I can find another OS that I can live
    with, I will just phase out of MS since you all don't seem to know what to do with yourselves. You keep building worst OS. XP was so comfortable and easy to use. Now, we have to start all over trying to understand the hideous Windows 8 and all of its nonsense.

  56. June W. says:

    help !!!!

  57. shorty1 says:

    Don't want MS to feel any better!

  58. modernweb says:

    Modern web requires more and more computer power with faster response and stronger Internet… WiFi, not XP…

  59. William Pishlo says:

    How long is Microsoft going to support Windows 7?

  60. Spiff 1 says:

    If I was microsoft I would offer the option for business/consumers a $ 12 or 15 dollar option per year- per user to continue updates to windows xp. why not milk the cash cow a little more? those that don't want to pay for it, then it's your choice to upgrade past XP or not. Pay if you want to stay with it.
    considering the base of users that wouldn't switch, you'd have huge dollars roling in and theoretically happy users.

  61. davey says:

    As mentioned previously, what is the indivvidual, small business, etc. supposed to do? W8 has been a disaster for individuals and small networks unless they have touch screens. I guess this is a "legal" way for the entire computer industry to force the purchase of new equipment and software. Funny how MS supplies the OS for most of the manufacturers who have seen huge drop in sales over the past few years. It sure seems this is an easy way to increase sales of hardware and software.

  62. Tom Pellegrini says:

    XP was the last decent OS Microsoft made. Windows 8 is a joke. Burn in Hell Microsoft

  63. Bob Hyatt says:

    Although I have changed my home computer to windows 7 (but refuse to install 8) and my work computer is a later version also, I do raise the huge issue that when Microsoft changed from XP system to later systems in particular windows 7, it was so inefficient that many of my old programs and some hardware would not work with a windows 7 system. I would have thought the idea of upgrading to later systems should be to improve, not reduce a service. So now that people and companies are being forced to change to windows 7, they will find they have to replace some of their hardware such as scanners etc and will find some of their regularly used programs will not work.
    This is an even bigger problem with windows 8, as I have discovered I will loose even more existing programs if I installed that supposedly better operating system.
    This is very regularly discussed by many people I know and it is simply making microsoft a big joke and demonstrates a very arrogant approach and insistence that people not only change their operating systems, which will likely mean they will have to change their computers to handle the increased size of systems etc, plus be forced to buy replacement equipment and programs.
    Have no problem with upgrading, but it should be done in a way that retains all past abilities to operate old programs and equipment, plus include the improvements, to replace ability to operate old programs for the sake of having to buy new programs as well as their hardware.
    Common microsoft it is the full group of customers you need to service not just the rich or people that waste their time playing games etc on fancy high capacity computers. Your actions are simply driving more and more people away from keeping their more than adequate computers and programs etc, which is not progress. Cater for all!!!

  64. luis says:

    Try to buy a Windows 7 original … Microsoft tell you "We don`t sale anymore"…
    Today is imposible purchase a legal copy for win7, except if are in stock stores!!!

  65. You would think before retiring a system that works, MC would at the very least have a new one in place that also worked. Crap! Now I'm going to have to switch to a Mac.

  66. Jo Hammer says:

    That is not verry kind of the big Microsoft, to give the XP using people now the problem!!!

  67. Geoff says:

    We use our computer now mainly for email, web browsing and word processing. This end of support for XP is making me consider Linux. If that works out well, I may never need to buy another microsoft product again.

  68. Rob says:

    If anyone wonders why Windows XP is 'popular' it is because we bought relatively good Desktops years ago, and the Windows Operating System that followed was NOT perceived as "better".

    Later came better OSes from MS but not all that much better, finally a fairly great OS came (but not without it's teething problems), but the 'Upgrade Wizard' said we would need to upgrade our Computer to run this new OS (for many that meant tossing out the perfectly good Desktop).

    When (soon) Mfgs will make a big leap in the Desktop (fingers crossed for a while now, but it looks like one Camp is saying mid/late 2014) then we Geeks will buy the crazy new Desktop and attempt to learn correct multi-threaded programming (possible in a new Language).

    Since Tablets and Note/Netbooks are newer and not upgradable and do have newer versions of Windows OS pre-installed (yet too light a version for a true Geek) they have been resisted (by Geeks) for the new and cool Smartphones (with 1080P Screens, or better (worse?, for battery)).

    The super Smartphone easily beats the Tablet/Notebook for everything but screen size, but that is part of the point of having one. Usually these Smartphones do not run Windows, the few that do are not "real Windows" but "RT Windows (which ironically is 'realtime').

    MS can look forward to us Geeks running Linux with VMWare under which will run the newest Windows OS (in some cases).

    Xpect XP to linger until 2020, or until our extremely well built Desktops die an early death, and there are no parts secondhand with which to fix them.

    WinFan since ver. 3.1 — Thanks for making Windows Bill, it was a blessing and a curse for you — at least you are Rich (and don't worry about Bills (also ironic)).

  69. Erwin says:

    I'm not personal confuser literate, but would it be workable to take a Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 machine, and have it run an XP mimic program?? Wouldn't you get necessary security updates for the newer operating system, while being able to use all XP favorite or proprietory programs for the forseeable future???

  70. Apriljade says:

    Me too, since being forced out of XP, I am now looking into Apple. I am tired of these operating systems that keep coming out, and after a year or so a new OS is out and is worse than the previous one, way to go MS! Bye, bye MS, Hello Apple!

  71. june says:

    Why throw away thousands if not millions of perfectly working HP computers. My computer is working just fine, and I would have to dispose of it just because MS is not supporting HP. Besides, I do not have the money to buy me a new computer. It seems MS could come up with a better solution.

  72. w.lamers says:

    Mijn XP loopt zou goed dat ik er nog geen afstand kan doen wij zijn zou te vrede.
    Bedankt daar voor.

  73. drr says:

    MS: Why don't you charge a nominal fee for continued XP support? As a business owner, I can understand that at some point you have to cut off free support, but I can't afford to replace all my pc's and server right now. I can't imagine how many users would pay a couple bucks a month/pc to get continued support, but it would have to be in the millions if not tens of millions. We'll eventually have to buy a new OS anyway so you'll get a double hit for virtually no investment. My understanding is that you have corporate contracts that go beyond April 8 so the updates are going to be being done anyway and even if not the revenue would be through the roof compared to the cost.

    This also isn't very environmentally friendly…millions of perfectly good machines will be trashed.

  74. Greg Lambert says:

    Look like the problem is to big for the biggest

  75. felipe says:

    I have an old laptop its dell insprion 6000 From 2004 or 05 now and its op system is windows xp wat do i need to do to upgrade the the window

  76. alan sealy says:

    please continue to support windows xp. Windows 8 and 8.1 are hopeless. Windows 7 is a sound replacement but having to re-format PC and load applications/ drivers again is really not on. I need email and office 2010 to work flawlessly without breaks for rebuilding on 3 computers.

    There is nothing wrong with Windows XP. Carry on Microsoft – but beware the people hot on your heels if you do not listen to your consumers.

  77. JoeyBob says:

    Well, 95% of the world's ATM's are now wasted.

  78. Kim Osw says:

    I think this is a really dumb move on their part because now I think I am going to be fine Apple products and I think a lot of people will be doing the same thing. I have three computers at my house they're all XP, I was wondering why my son had to go out and buy a new computer just last month now I know. What about people that don't have the money for that? People that are on disability that use a computer daily and my laptop it's a Windows 7 just found out last night, are used to be on their feedback program and that disappeared. And they never sent me my new computer and they're supposed to send my laptop back before the warranty was over with it shows you that I guess they don't care about their products other customers

  79. ML49448 says:

    For all the problems you are causing for all your faithful XP users; hopefully they will all upgrade to Macs and put you out of business, Very unpopular move on your part. You should have known better after your Windows 8 disaster.
    If you were at all smart you would change your mind and save yourself.

  80. Stew says:

    Definitely moving from Microsoft XP to Apple's Mac. If I have to struggle learning a new OS it will be Apples. "Onward and Upward" as the saying goes.

  81. Jambo says:

    MS should have learned its lesson after Vista.

  82. FreeBSD4me says:

    Don't buy a new computer, just install FreeBSD or a Linux distro.

  83. Draike says:

    If MSFT would just make it possible to upgrade XP to Windows 8.1 (while making 8.1 more stable, functional and less of a kids'/old people's OS) I'm sure many people would upgrade. Instead, we basically have to trash our whole system, back-up and move document files and re-install/upgrade software and plug & play hardware… many of which do not work on a POS OS made for touch screens! Wake up and listen to your customer base MSFT!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. XP or bust! says:

    I'm a sole proprietor with a small business selling primarily on my website and eBay. I've run an XP as both my main and backup computer for ~10 years. The cost to upgrade to a newer OS/software/computer just because Microsoft is greedy is prohibitive.

    I actually just got a Win 7 computer (typing this message on it now). However, I use proprietary order processing software and it DOES NOT WORK on Windows 7 or 8 (and I doubt Vista). It appears the software I use may no longer be available (Order Pro from … I've been calling them for 2 weeks now and never get anyone to answer their phone, I only leave messages and never get a call back — maybe the company is swamped with customers like me who are trying to upgrade due to MS arrogance?). With 19 years of customer/order data on that system, it would be preferable to continue to use it, so for now I'll wait before changing software.

    Perhaps enough uproar over the XP situation will encourage MS to reconsider and do the RIGHT THING – especially considering how many SP systems are still in use? If not, maybe MS will be experience class action lawsuits if future XP vulnerabllities MS refuses to address lead to widespread fraud. Maybe these lawsuits will eventually put them out of business (after the standard 5-10 years of court battles). How appropriate would that be?

  85. EDDIE says:

    Microsoft, this is just about the dumbest thing a business could do to itself. XP is what most of your customers want so why don't you just support it and charge something for it. If you don't do something sane in the next few days, I personally and quite a few friends are going to Macs. We will not come back to you even if you do change after that.

  86. Sam Southin says:

    So My working pc That did its Job good for years Can Not run anything else then xp I am sure there are systems out there build for xp. Does microsoft pay me a New computer?

  87. kajj says:

    Huge impact on the environmental comment…..MAC's go on forever with free upgrades to existing equipment. The amount of computer garbage created by this move is disgusting. Shame on you Microsoft! We're gone!

  88. Sandy Coulter says:

    I'm keeping XP on 2 computers because I have legacy hardware that will not run on anything newer, nor will it run on Mac or Linux. I refuse to pollute the environment with perfectly good and usable hardware. I believe I have secured my systems by removing or disabling as many windows components as possible and replacing them with supported apps, as well as adding in additional layers of security. MS can kiss it!

  89. connie says:

    I agree with " if its not broke don't fix it " I am on a limited income and can not afford to buy a new system and try to get used to it at my age…………….leave well enough alone.

  90. elitekiller says:

    In regards to XP or bust! 3 Apr 2014 7:42 PM:

    I find it interesting that you are quick to blame Microsoft for your lack of proper planning. Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions would allow you to run your antique software in XP Mode. Assuming your new pc has Premium you could upgrade to another edition of Windows 7 by using Windows Anytime Upgrade.

    For everyone else:

    In any event you are welcome to continue using XP. I highly recommend that you stop using Internet Explorer since that is where most of the exploits will occur. Instead use a more modern and secure browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Use a quality antivirus solution such as Eset (they still support Windows NT), sandbox your web browser, and make sure you are performing regular backups and/or images of your system so that when an OS disaster strikes you could be back up and running in 30 minutes or less.

  91. George says:

    Dear Microsoft, to whom do I send the land fill/waste disposal bills (plus taxes/levies) for all the perfectly good hardware which you have just consigned to the scrap heap? Thanks to your well thought out policy it is not even any good for sending to the "third world" for recycling and re-use as it is no use to them either.

    Finally – what good is it saying you are going to continue to provide updates for MSE on XP until April 2105 when the very first update you push out after April 7th this year makes it look like it has stopped working (big red icon with a cross through it). As it (for all of it's faults) is/was the most effective and light-weight anti virus for older hardware – the rest cripple older machines) – yet again you are consigning hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes of perfectly good hardware to landfill.

  92. Rob says:

    If MS is unwilling to support me using XP then I'm done supporting MS. My next computer will be anything other then MicroSoft

  93. Suz says:

    Last evening when powering down, I noticed the usual message "not to turn off computer as 1-10 updates were being download." The installs were being done after XP's support had terminated. I hurriedly shut off my computer cold because of updates and turned back on and ran a full security scan. When I got up this a.m., my PC had been restarted and said that new updates had been installed. Then today turned off the computer and again it said it was installing 6 more updates. I'm confused. I can't seem to find an answer.

  94. cra451 says:

    The last computer I bought was Windows 95…..Then computers, software etc…became so expensive. As things began to change and technology was so advance I thought it was about time to get a new compter which came with Windows XP and I love it. I've had it about 9 years, no problems at all. Very simple to use. I have to work on Windows 8 at work and I hate it. I feel the same as everyone else, why fix it if it's not broken. I cannot afford to purchase a new computer or even pay someone to up grade my system or if it can even be upgraded. Sorry Bill Gates you have really done it this time. I had a lot of respect for you, giving to charities etc…however, it was the comsumers that made you the billionair you are today, Why not upgrade Windows XP instead.

  95. Me says:

    Read the comments of the people who can upgrade every time a company says jump! They believe they're really into something amazing when all it is is using people to make ridiculous profits. That is not most people. Of course many people are going to leave Microsoft in the dust and figure out other options eventually. But somewhere in the background Microsoft will continue to make money. All these companies are connected in one way or the other. They are interdependent on each other to survive and make money.

    What they expect is that we will growl and complain and then step inline. It is now after April 8. Most everything I'm reading about advice and what to do was published BEFORE or on April 8. I'm sure by now the confusion is crazy. Antivirus programs are not working as they should and all kinds of frustration is going on.

    Do you understand these companies do not care that you are left in a bunch. Most users are either not savvy about technology or are financially unable to buy new computers and operating systems.

    Who in the world is most of the advice for? Not the average user I guarantee you. Microsoft is making millions off of companies around the world who are paying them for extended support. Must be nice.

    I will never use another Microsoft product in the future. You company has lost the trust of millions of people. I'm sure you saw this coming and had a back up plan to keep the profits coming in at the expense of so many users.

    I'd like to know what is happening now and a month from now. 21st Century technology of all kinds is nothing but a scam. Doesn't serve anyone but the people who create this stuff and sell it. The rest of us are used—not users.

    Yes we are blowing off steam because we have no other option. We rant and then figure out a way to keep our lives and livelihoods going. Most people spend so much money on technology these days. It really is ridiculous. Remember when you actually had money in your pocket before this brave new world began sucking our pockets dry with technology. Thousands of dollars are spent by millions of people trying to keep up with upgrades of computers, OS, cameras, security, antivirus, phones, etc. How much of you hard earned money goes to this technology alone, instead of your family and household? It's crazy. It's actually insane while companies like Microsoft and their stockholders laugh all the way to the bank?

    Look if it wasn't Microsoft it would be another company. People have poured their lives and livelihoods into the Internet. Jobs, businesses, education, bank accounts. Everything is dependent on this technology that on most days operates like a used car. Are you kidding me. You should focus on Security and protecting people who use the Internet and Web. Security and antivirus is lacking in performance and fails miserably everyday to protect anyone. Why is that? Hmmm. It's all scam people.

  96. Yuriy says:

    Win XP + SCEP. Today I received event log message "The support for your operating system has expired. Running Microsoft Antimalware on an out of support operating system is not an adequate solution to protect against threats."
    WTF???!!! I pay for SCEP! Why it doesn't work???

  97. paul says:

    Since 15th April my XP Security Essentials halts the machine – I think Microsoft have taken down a service that SE uses and so Security Essentials does not wark at all any more. I have now uninstalled Security Essentials and will use Linux for Email / Internet and XP for things I need windows for.

  98. Ignacio says:

    Esto es un abuso sin precedentes. las autoridades pertinentes tendrían que obligar a la empresa a mantener el soporte de este sistema operativo. No seré yo quien migre hacia el Windows 7; y mucho menos a la basura del Windows 8, una verdadera porquería. Emigraré hacia Apple. Salud.

  99. Carolyn says:

    *** you to Microsoft, I'm outta here. Buying
    an Apple. Losers!

  100. Nickita says:

    Because of new sophisticated methods of cryptoware, sec. holes, tracking, sniffing and spying must be worldwide implemented in manner of short time as new cold var is rising. We consumer are only an miccelium, an soil on which their testing the moves further applicated on crowd. Raising threads, viruses, mallware whose creators are the same as developers of countermeasures a.k.a make an nev virus then became an founder of antivirus company and get rich. In medicine, science, law u can expect the same dark biznis. Long ago are times when Louis Pasteur saved millions just because of humanity.


    Deeper hollowed and crypted scripts must run in background, sandboxed and hiddened from usual user, allowing only few if not many secs to spy on you. They expect that this will allow to cut off and force banking institutions, they also rulling from same place, to expend milions from repeated rehealth of operating systems and hardware required. Abowe i readed that 95% of banking terminals is running XpPro, and that is huge ammount of nonenviromentally friendly waste. Then ok move or sell your XpPro shares to Africa or other rising nations, thus their need them to stand up. No you just throw it out of window.

    It is like a story of an old poor windows repairer, that loose sales on reapairing and reglassing, sends his kids allone in the dark to break as many windows in surroundig to boost his biznis locally. This biznis model you prefer, wake up else you will make others to mimic your values, and world will become more and more satanic. But this happens worldwide and nobody will force me to think it is an continent or nation on which another war must be started, is a company forced by somewhat/how to implement this changes and let switch existing clients and risk their biznis. That must be an immense force that is cappable of something such risky for that big company. Another sample colud be an Finland producer of smartphones whose is forced to abbadon entire operating systems. As simple world is drasticaly changed, forced, mutated on one side the canvas is larger, but colors are reduced to black and white. Excuse my spellind and phrasing not corrected via, another glum. Who urges you make complain MS, and do not say demand…


  101. Robert says:

    My old, beloved, custom built by a friend, computer, can't handle anything beyond XP. But my Microsoft stock will probably increase in value because of the forced replacement of XP with 8—or will it? It seems like some Microsoft customers will be logging off of Windows permanently so maybe the stock value will decrease. Even if it goes up I won't profit enough to offset the loss of my otherwise excellent, old computer for use with the internet.

  102. 皆川 三夫 says:

    widows xp インターネット.エクスプローラー〔IE〕を修正するプログラムをダウンロード致したく

  103. Иван says:

    Будь проклят капитализм.
    да здравствует социализм – мировой оплот трудящихся!

  104. Timbo12 says:

    Has a Windows exec perused the preceding comments. If so what does he/she have to say in response.

  105. BarryWillson says:

    Always very informative. I read some articles from here and i must say this one is the best.

  106. Tech Talk says:

    I dislike the support end, too many people use XP and XP seems to last long i've had my Netbook for two years, I care for it and I specifically went out to buy an XP, the problem with a Netbook is that it doesn't have a disk drive, how can I update it
    with ease?

  107. Marta Budi says:

    My MSE on Win XP can update and work fine…strange isn't it…wkwkwk

  108. PABLO D.PEREZ says:


  109. Russell- Wash, DC says:

    KB890830 Sept 2014 Malicious Software update hangs upon installation on my Windows XP SP3 install. It initializes then then takes a good 10 minutes to Install? I cancelled the install is this normal for it to take this long or should I have waited? Normal
    Malicious software updates only take 5 minutes to complete on my machine in which I am running ESET NOD 32 AV version 7 anyway.. Does MSFT give us the option by telling us HOW LONG the install process for these updates should take on a WIN XP machine?

  110. bill says:

    Windowes xp

  111. oldibmblackboxuser says:

    go with linux…leave microsoft behind in their own dust.
    Someday, probably when it's too late, they might figure it out.You can run linux side by side on your hard drive with Windows XP on a separate partition for fun…just don't go online with it. Works for me. 🙂

  112. monique kehren says:

  113. hector pervieu says:


  114. Pablo R. Jimenez says:

    todo bien

  115. WTF? says:

    Since end of May I don't receive updates, you stopped earlier than you said?

  116. Claude Ledoux says:

    We are June 14th 2015 and MSE works still better than all the antivirus sold on the Web.

  117. Claude Ledoux says:

    Oupps! Sorry! I forgot to specify that I'm still on Windows XP.

  118. Трудящийся says:

    Be проклят capitalism. Long live socialism – a world stronghold of workers!

  119. Lucas Soldano says:

    XP is the best operating system that MS have produced so far. Seeing the strategy record of the company, it is highly unlikely that they will manage to come up with something better.

  120. Frank Watts says:

    I understand the reasoning for the stop support on XP because of it's age. However you have failed to take in account a lot of people still drive cars 10 years or order because they can not afford to buy a newer one. I guess people on fixed incomes like
    SSI or Veterans pay and only get one check a month don't mean anything to those who work every day and get a fat check every week. I know you will more than likely never read this and I'm feel like it is just spitting in the wind. At least we should be able
    to go to your web site and get the important downloads. Well I have had my say and in short, it sucks!

  121. PaU says:

    Huge impact on the environmental comment…..MAC's go on forever with free upgrades to existing equipment. The amount of computer garbage created by this move is disgusting. Shame on you Microsoft! We're gone!..

  122. Marre3 says:

    How do I remove the threat Trojan MEM:
    Microsift Safety Scan did not discover this trojan, but 2 other SAfety Scan programs did in short time. But it was Microsoft Window’s mistake to let the trojan into my PC before they cut the support for Win XS. Will the Microsift be able to help me to remove this trojan?

  123. donnie hannah says:

    how to remove koobface virus off windows xp

  124. Dhevan Muniandy says:

    Is MPC a Microsoft Operating Programm.I suddenly seeing the item as MPC Cleaner appering on my desk top.If it is not ,how to remocve it from the system…I’m seeing alot of addition tabs are created automatically.Is there a support online for Microsoft to detec & delete the malware….Pls help

  125. joscelyn says:

    you guys suck you cant just stop supporting something that you marketed than sold than expect the customers to dish out money (its like paying twice) to forcibly buy something new just cause you feel like it. Thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Id say shame on you but you dont care. Money hungry @#$holes.

  126. M. Mac says:

    Lets all collectively sue this company for screwing us over for years. Remember Erin Brokovich. It can happen!!!!!

  127. Piero Cipriani says:

    I’m really disgusted by the way in which the XP users have been suddenly excluded from the possibility to update the virus signature files in thier old release of Microsoft Security Essentials. Though I can understand that the end of support of this reliable OS doesn’t allow customers to update their applications, I CANNOT definitely understand why it should not be possible to update the virus and malware signature files
    OBVIOUSLY this unacepptable behaviour by MS will push me to move towards a non MS platform (Linux like for desktops and MacOS for laptops).

  128. Karen says:

    If people are addicted to Windows XP it’s for a good reason. It’s been the best system so far. People shouldn’t be forced into upgrading to something that isn’t as good just so Companies can get rich. The needs of the people should be considered but never are. It’s all about somebody getting their pockets lined. What a joke. The only reason the support was discontinued is that NOBODY would have changed systems! It’s just more forced BS for computer users.

  129. T. Brodt says:

    All I want to do is find a way to read sites with foreign language, and for some reason I can not even communicate with my own language to find the answer, been looking for days…… HELP

    1. The only operating system that I have found that comes close to the ease and reliability of Windows XP is Linux Mint. In fact, I installed Linux Mint 17.2 on two of my PCs and soon realized it’s actually easier to install and run security updates than Windows XP or Windows 7, but it behaves a lot like a Windows operating system.

      1. The only problems I’ve had with Linux Mint is that it sucks if you like games, and you can’t run Adobe Acrobat, or Adobe Photoshop on it. Also, I have found that Linux Mint is not good for supporting old printers. Windows XP is better than Linux Mint for all that stuff. But when it comes to security and web browsing, Linux Mint is better than any Windows OS I have used.

  130. Justin says:

    I get no longer supporting fixes and patches. But to purposely disable antivirus signatures from installing and purposely disabling real-time protection for a product that is already installed is just plain ridiculous. At least leave it in the state that it was in.

    The only thing you’re doing is forcing machines to be unprotected. We have 2 XP VMs because it’s impossible to get rid of them. As long as our warehouse uses ancient Motorola handheld devices then I must support a .net2.0 environment.

  131. Nanda says:

    I need the latest security software for xp, where can i download it from?

  132. Tamer Kirac says:

    It is very sad to see that a company like Microsoft, after having made billions of dollars off XP can end support for Defender suited for XP users.

    Sets a shameful precedence!

  133. I have heard that Microsoft has a ransomware patch for XT Pro. How or where is it available?

    1. msft-mmpc says:

      Hi, Dr. James Roeder, please visit this blog entry for Windows XP solutions specific to the WannaCrypt ransomware attack:

  134. Leon Magill says:

    I am looking for the latest security patch for Windows XP to protect against ransomware and other malware.

  135. Leo Rudy Lopez Jr says:

    I just want to listen and download my music like i said before I use to have it working then I did a system restore and I lost everything what can I do to get my computer back

    1. Leo Rudy Lopez Jr says:

      thanks a lot everybody makes me feel like I’m not alone and that I’m not crazy as a bedbug like my mom use to say you all have a good night I’m still going to try and get this worked out thanks for your support

  136. lena charles says:

    great article

  137. tavis says:

    what are the requirements for dns?

  138. Microsoft Security Essentials not longer supported after April 8, 2014.

  139. Microsoft Security Essentials not longer supported the Microsoft XB windows after April 8, 2014.

  140. chung cư Sky Central says:

    Thanks Microsoft i hate this Wanna devil

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