Congratulations to the Department of Justice, FBI and Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit

The FBI announced today federal indictments against those allegedly involved in the distribution of the WinFixer family of malware.  WinFixer is a form of software often referred to as “rogue security software” or “scareware”. WinFixer  is, essentially, software which fraudulently purports to provide a security benefit and in exchange solicits credit card information in order to charge the victim for a full version which will clean up infections which may not even be present.  This family of malware displayed a number of different names in its attempts to social engineer its victims and appear legitimate. Some of the names associated with this family include Antivirus 2008, Antivirus 2009, WinSpywareProtect, Spyware Isolator, Advanced Cleaner, Antivirus XP and others.

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center provided support for our Digital Crimes Unit in the investigation of WinFixer and would like to commend them as well as the Department of Justice and FBI for their actions in helping to protect our customers.

You can read more about this in the Microsoft On The Issues blog here.

–Jeff Williams
Principal Group Program Manager, MMPC

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