Gamania: Ill-gotten game gains

Well kids it’s that time of the month again; MSRT Tuesday!

Continuing the trend on from last month, the target du jour is password stealers that target online games (we like to do these things in groups you see).

Our motif for this month is a lovely shade of grey I call ‘password stealer’, with juxtapositions of process injection, with a penchant for passwords of the online game variety; but of course we are referring to PWS:Win32/Magania, mon ami.

Win32/Magania is another delivery mechanism used by various online game password stealers. Unfortunately, this probably means that if you’re infected with it, it’s brought a few malicious friends along for the ride. It also means that you should be changing your online passwords as soon as you can, once you're sure the machine is no longer infected, of course.

If you haven’t already, one way to help ensure you’re not infected is to download and install our available-at-no-charge antivirus product Microsoft Security Essentials. I know, I’m relentless with the shameless plugs, but I’m a nice person despite that.

Stay safe out on the intertubes kids,

Matt McCormack

MMPC Melbourne, Australia

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