MSRT: Helping us de-Helpud you

Greetings purveyors of the Internet! Welcome to another thrilling installment of "MSRT: Miami", aka "What's new in MSRT this month?"!

It's Win32/Helpud

What, anti-climactic? Perhaps. However that doesn't take away from the importance of this addition to MSRT; we're extending our coverage of online game password stealers!

Now, Win32/Helpud is not new to the malware scene. It's been around for a couple of years now and consistently maintains a presence on our radars. You may recall Win32/Helpud was one of a few families that were linked with exploiting the MS08-078 Internet Explorer vulnerability back in the day. 

The fact that it's still lurking around almost 2 years later is one of the reasons we've decided to target Helpud with MSRT; it's not going away of its own accord. Why is that? Well, the main reason is because of how it's used. Helpud is a delivery mechanism used by other, affiliate, game password-stealers. We still see it because the business model is an effective one; give us your money, and we distribute and install your malware. Hardly original, but simple and (apparently) effective enough to keep the business afloat.

 "So what does this mean if MSRT finds Win32/Helpud on my machine?" I hear you ask. Well, many of these affiliate game password-stealers are already included in MSRT! How about that? Convenient, eh? Almost like it was pre-planned? Imagine that. However, as always, we still recommend our users install an antivirus solution (being wary of rogue scanners such as this one). Might I take this opportunity to shamelessly plug our offering of an effective antivirus product, Microsoft Security Essentials? Oh, I can? Thanks. 
Stay safe out there in the tubes kids,

Matt McCormack
MMPC Melbourne

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