A Peek at MSRT November Threat Reports

By continuing to include new variants of the existing threat families, the MSRT has removed malware from more than 1.5 million machines three days after its release on 10 November.  This month we’ve also added Win32/FakeVimes and Win32/PrivacyCenter to the MSRT detection and have removed these new rogues from more than 110,000 machines. 

A lot of the top threat families are no strangers if you refer to our previous blog posts, or our recent published Security Intelligence Report.

  • Out of these prevalent threat families worldwide, 8 are password stealers collecting online game credentials, online banking passwords or other user identities of users’ online accounts.
  • 8 of them are fake security products or trojan downloaders for rogues.  The MSRT now covers the following most high profile rogues
  • 5 are trojan downloaders or droppers, a threat category which is often an infection vector to deliver drive-by malware to the victims’ computers.
  • Win32/Koobface is still on top 25 though it has dropped out of top 10. Online Social Network sites such as Facebook continues to boost their security hardening to protect their customers and we welcome their actions.
  • Win32/Zlob had dropped out of the list in recent months after being extremely prevalent for almost three years.  We observed that the Zlob authors appeared to move to somewhere else in our Oct 2008 blog and Jan 2009 blog.


Computers Cleaned 

Most Significant Category





online game PWS



Miscellaneous Trojans

data stealing trojans modifying DNS settings



Password Stealers & Monitoring Tools

Brazil online banking PWS



Trojan Downloaders & Droppers

AV rogues downloaders



Miscellaneous Trojans

AV rogues



Trojan Downloaders & Droppers

AV rogues



Miscellaneous Trojans

AV rogues



Trojan Downloaders & Droppers




Miscellaneous Trojans

AV rogues



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