Where in the world is the MMPC

Based on the interest we saw in the various presentations our team did at Virus Bulletin in Geneva a couple of weeks back we thought you might be interested in where else we will be presenting in the coming weeks.
October 13 Vinny Gullotto will be in a panel discussion in Washington D.C. at the Emerging Threats, Vulnerabilities, & Challenges in the Cybersecurity Ecosystem event put on by TechAmerica. You can find information on how to register for this event at http://www.techamerica.org/cybersecurity-ecosystem.
Also on October 13, Jeff Williams will present the keynote for Malware 2009 in Montreal, Canada. Information on Malware 2009 is available at http://www.malware2009.org/.
On November 4, Jimmy Kuo will present the keynote  for the Association of anti-Virus Asia Researchers International Conference (AVAR) in Kyoto, Japan. Information on AVAR 2009 can be found here: http://www.aavar.org/avar2009/
November 4-5 also is when you will find us at the PacSec conference in Tokyo, Japan where Tony Lee will be presenting on the threat landscape and where Jeff Williams may deliver a lightning talk if he has the chance. You can find information about PacSec at http://pacsec.jp/.
That’s all for now since we need time to pack. We hope to see many of you at one or more of these events. 
--Microsoft Malware Protection Center

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