Introducing Microsoft Security Essentials

The Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) would like to introduce you to Microsoft’s new security program - Microsoft Security Essentials.  The MMPC is very excited about this release, which should help us to protect more customers around the world at no cost.

Here’s a note from the Microsoft Security Essentials team:

Microsoft Security Essentials (formerly codenamed “Morro”) is the newest security product from Microsoft that helps protect consumers against viruses, spyware and other malicious software. The program, using the same technology as the Forefront product family, is designed to protect and take the guess work out of you wondering if you are protected or not.

If you’re green, you’re good. 

Red or yellow means there is something that needs to be done to keep your PC secure. A single click and the PC is back to the green protected state. 

Microsoft Security Essentials is also designed to address cost and other barriers that have prevented many of our customers from running up-to-date security protection on their PCs. Because there are no subscription fees, there is no registration required to collect billing or other personal information.

It also runs quietly in the background scheduling scans when the PC is most likely idle and interrupting the user only when there is an action required to keep their PC secure. It employs practices like active memory swapping and CPU throttling to limit the impact on your PC performance, even on older or less powerful PCs.

This isn’t a security suite product that provides rich PC tuning capabilities or backs up your data. But if what you’re looking for is “install and forget” malware protection and solid quality Microsoft Security Essentials may be just what you’ve been waiting for. Plus, as a user of Microsoft Security Essentials you’ll get support from the MMPC.   

We think you’re gonna like what you get with Microsoft Security Essentials. See for yourself and download it now!

Microsoft Security Essentials is available now in 8 languages and 19 markets around the world for genuine Windows PCs. 
Download at:

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