From Dublin to Geneva

Hello! Greetings from Dublin!

As mentioned by Jakub in a previous post, we are presenting at the Virus Bulletin International Conference 2009 in Geneva next week.

It’s an understatement to say that we're excited about attending the conference – and not just about presenting our papers, but about getting the chance to meet the other delegates.

From the technical stream we have Elda and Francis:

We’re presenting our paper entitled "Blast from the Past: Application of the MS08-067 Exploit in Real World Malware". Together with our colleague, Scott Wu from the team in Redmond, we'll talk about the MS08-067 vulnerability and how it was exploited by different malware, including Conficker. 

The presentation explains the Server service vulnerability addressed in the MS08-067 security bulletin and shows how different malware families utilized this exploit. We also present some interesting data from the field on the malware families involved.

We’re the first presenters for the technical stream, so we’ll see you on Wednesday morning!

From the corporate stream we have Ina and Marian:

We are presenting our paper, "The Cloud or the Mist?". Those of you who are Stephen King fans might be familiar with his novella “The Mist”, in which an evil mist invades a town and wreaks havoc. In the same way, cloud technology is a buzzword right now, and some people are hyping it as the next evolution of the Internet. Yet there are a lot of valid concerns, especially about privacy and security.

Our paper talks about the potential security risks of the cloud: what dangers exist when we store personal and sometimes highly profitable information in the cloud? What social engineering techniques exist that have only emerged with cloud technology? And what malware families exploit the cloud to perform their malicious routines?

We are presenting on Friday right before lunch, but we promise our slides will be just as filling!

We'd all love to meet those of you who will be attending and especially those of you who are interested in our research.

See you there! Kita kits! (Filipino) Ne vedem acolo! (Romanian) Slán go fóill! (Gaelic)

- Elda, Francis, Ina and Marian

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