September in Geneva

Another year has passed, and the time of the most important annual anti-malware event is upon us. The Virus Bulletin International Conference 2009 takes place on 23-25 September at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland.

As usual, the program is packed to the rafters with malware-related material, with presentations spread across two parallel streams, and three busy days that, no doubt, will be filled with research papers, discussions and heated but friendly arguments.

A strong contingent from Microsoft is attending, including authors and presenters discussing the results of their latest research. The delegates can see the following Microsoft presentations:

On Wednesday, September 23, a paper titled “Blast from the past: application of the MS08-067 exploit in real world malware” by Elda Dimakiling, Francis Allan Tan Seng and Scott Wu.

On the same day, and also in the Technical stream, the paper “I can't go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then” by Chun Feng.

On Thursday, in the Corporate stream, the paper “How to reclaim your sender reputation” by Terry Zink from the FOSE team.

During Friday's proceedings, in the Corporate stream, the paper: “The cloud or the mist?” by Marian Radu and Hilda Larina Ragragio.

On the same day, as the last presentation of the conference, and just before the closing panel discussion, the paper: “The modern rogue - malware with a face” by Hamish O’Dea.

Traditionally, every VB Conference attracts big interest and large crowds, making each event a perfect venue for various industry meetings – and it's no different this year - the AVPD and the WildList meetings are already scheduled for the same time, at the same location.

Jakub Kaminski

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