We’re Excited to Announce the Release of the MMPC Portal V2!

We’ve been working hard, have heard your feedback, and are excited to announce V2 of the MMPC Portal!  This new portal contains several new features including stream-lined sample submission and tracking, which is made possible by creating an MMPC profile. When you log in, the information saved in your MMPC profile auto-populates the sample submission form, thereby expediting the submission process. You can then monitor the status of your submission online – if you are logged in (using your MMPC profile) while submitting a sample, we will allow you to view details for all samples you have submitted in the past. In effect we now have ‘one stop shopping’ for sample submission and tracking.

MMPC Portal V2 includes a change log which allows you to see new and updated detections in the most recent definition versions.  We have also implemented RSS feeds for encyclopedia entries, active malware lists, and the change log to allow you to stay up to date.  We have stream-lined our UI to improve accessibility to content, extended existing content, and created new content. The new content includes a ‘guidance and advice’ section, improved encyclopedia content/organization, expanded glossary, a list of recent research papers, updates on news and events,  highlights around awards and certifications, as well as an introduction to our team.

We’re also looking forward to the new security blog aggregator page on the Microsoft web site that will be live tomorrow. This new page consolidates the latest blog posts from several teams including the MMPC and our colleagues in the MSRC, and is a great way to keep up to date on the latest security news from Microsoft.

We hope you enjoy the new portal as much as we do!

-- Monilee Atkinson

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