Announcing the MMPC Portal v2 Beta Release!

Where you can find it:
How you can give us feedback:
Please give us feedback via MS Connect or directly from the MMPC Portal V2 Beta.
So now that the important details have been shared, let’s talk about the more interesting part: What is it? The MMPC Portal V2 Beta is a preview of the next version (V2) of the MMPC Portal, which contains a subset of the final V2 features. These features include stream-lined sample submission; which is made possible by creating an MMPC profile.  When logged in, the information saved in the MMPC profile auto-populates the sample submission form, expediting the sample submission process. Another improvement to sample submission, and perhaps the most exciting new feature, is the ability to track submission status on-line.  The user can now track the status of any/all sample submissions made while logged in to the portal. The sample submission tracking information includes the current state of analysis done on the sample, any detections found during analysis, and the definitions that will protect the user from any detections found. The Beta also includes a new UI which stream-lines navigation and improves access to content. The MMPC has developed new content including a ‘help’ section and a change log which allows users to see the new and updated detections from one definition to another. The team has also improved content including instructions for updating definitions for all Microsoft Security products, an expanded glossary, and a summary for our threat descriptions which lists aliases, the alert level, when the description was first added and last updated, and what definitions protect the customer from the threat. 

… and that is just a glimpse! Check it out for yourself.
Additional Information:
This Beta is being released in parallel with our current portal.  You can view release notes, complete surveys, file bugs, and view FAQs on MS Connect. 

PS: Any Microsoft MVPs reading this are invited to meet with Monilee on day two of the MVP Summit.

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