Just in time for New Year’s….

Hello again from Melbourne!

We've seen another resurgence of Worm:Win32/Conficker, this time as Worm:Win32/Conficker.B . We've already received a number of reports of this new variant from the wild from affected users.

Not surprisingly, a majority of the new infections we’re seeing are on machines that are yet to install the MS08-067 update (see our previous posts 'More MS08-067 Exploits' and 'A Quick Update About MS08-067 Exploits'). This new variant also spreads via network shares by attempting to log in to machines using a list of weak, common and predictable passwords.

Make sure you install those patches guys and keep your anti-Virus solution up to date!

See you in 2009!

Matt McCormack

MMPC Melbourne.

P.S. For more information on how to keep yourself protected from the likes of the above, check out the following links:

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